48 thoughts on “iPad mini 5 handwriting & note taking test

  1. Thank you very much… this is essentially the main reason i wanted to purchase this product and this has helped me make up my mind.

  2. Would you recommend this ipad mini for extensive reading? For PDF format. Comprehensive reading is likely what i’m going to be using it for. Also i would be using it for an alternative for my macbook air to take it to the library and copy notes from the ipad mini and write it in a paper because of professors requiring hard copy and hand written assignments, how is the ipad mini in that kind of situation? Is it hard to look at the tablet and write in a paper because of the 7.9 inch display? Thank you for the reply.

  3. How does palm rejection work on this device? Is palm rejection controlled within the iPad, or does the first-gen Apple Pencil take care of that for you?

  4. Can you tap on the sleeping iPad Mini 5 with the Apple Pencil to open the Notes app like you can on the iPad Pro?
    You can configure this feature in settings so the OS supports it but my new iPad Mini 5 doesn't do anything when I tap on it.
    Is this feature not available on the Mini 5 or is my iPad broken?

  5. I am surprised you didn't include Noteshelf 2. I have found this one to be better than GoodNotes 5. These two are better than all the rest.

  6. I don’t understand why Apple has to be the iPad mini little expensive than the iPad 6th generation. But at least it is kind of worth it when you use it with a palm rejection, and pressure sensitive stylus.

  7. This is a great year… iPad 2018, iPad Mini 2019, iPad Air 2019, Galaxy Tab A8.0 2019… so many tablet for artist! BTW, I'm going to get an iPad just for drawing comic and illustration, from start to finished pages, not just sketching (Apple Pencil + Procreate). I usually use Artisul D13 and PC… but recently I need to be more mobile. Which one should I get? iPad 2018 or iPad Mini 2019? iPad Air 2019 and Pro line is way over budget for me. Android doesn't have great drawing apps so I don't think I want a Galaxy Tab.

  8. You are going to have difficulty in case if you are planning to take notes on this small device, better go with iPad 2018.ipad mini is an entertainment device you can’t do productive tasking like taking notes by keeping other apps besides , you can do so but guess how small the screen would become it’s nothing but a pain in ass.

  9. Thanks for the most wanted video
    I was thinking whether the iPad mini 5 good for taking notes because of its 7.9 inch size but after seeing your video it removed all my doubts
    Hoping to get my first apple product a ipad mini 5 and apple pencil soon ❤️

  10. Nice ipad mini-it looks about the same size as the Samsung foldable cell phone coming out in a couple of years. But Teoh I have a question about the ipad pro-has anyone connected it to a monitor?
    if so can u tell me the results. thx

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