iPad Mini 5 2019 Review – Best In Class Mini Tablet

the iPad Mini seemed neglected, that’s until now. The design hasn’t changed from its predecessors but the internals has been upgraded to offer the best tablet experience possible.
It comes with the option of 64GB or 256GB for storage with no room for expansion, it uses the latest A12 bionic processor with neural engine, its RAM sees a bump up from 2GB RAM to 3GB and it now supports Apple pencil, but the 1st gen so you can’t start using your friends 2nd Apple pencil which the iPad Pro supports.
The 5th gen iPad Mini’s display is brighter with 326 ppi, has a wider colour gamut and uses a zero gap tech. its 7.9 inch display also supports true tone display which I turn off when editing photos for true colour representation, but great when reading books. with large ugly bezels, its design is definitely not state of the art, but don’t let that put you off. It also means if you have old accessories like a cover then you’re in luck. Down at the bottom, you have two bottom firing speakers which are pretty decent and you still have a 3.5mm headphone jack.
The 5th gen iPad mini is light weighing just 300 grams making it easy to use one-handed when reading books for example. It uses Apple’s lightning connector for charging and you can also charge your apple pencil with it, and has a battery that will last up to 10 hours. It ships with the latest iOS 12 so you can take advantage of the multitasking feature, although better used in landscape mode. It has an 8MP main camera at f2.4 and a front-facing 7MP f2.2 selfie camera.
So how does it feel using the 5th gen iPad Mini? If you already have the iPad Pro it’s obvs not something you’d buy unless buying it for your kids to play with. It’s more than a pricey e-reader, it can be used for educational purpose, e.g. learning a new language learning to code, use it as a diary, it’s super versatile. Sometimes the device itself feels confused compared to the latest devices in Apple’s ecosystem in that it’s bezels are chunky, it doesn’t support the latest Apple pencil, the camera shoots 1080p no 4K, still uses lightning connection although not a big deal if you don’t have the latest iPad pro. having said that tho, with the latest processor chip which is super powerful present, you can edit videos, even 4K videos, you can play games with no hiccups, battery life is excellent, lasts me up to 4 days before I need to charge it again, its display is excellent, and generally I love the iPad mini’s form factor. It’s hands-down best in class and I can’t recommend it enough. The question still remains tho, who is for?
If you need a secondary device, great! If you travel quite a bit and you need something for reading, movies, gaming on your commute, excellent, you can even pair a gaming controller and turn it into a Nintendo switch kind of thing with more games available on the App Store. It’s a great education tool for your kids and adults alike, it’s a business tool because it supports AR using its camera, yes it doesn’t have face ID and a couple of other things, or you might block the speakers if you hold it that side, but the negatives don’t outweigh the positives.
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13 thoughts on “iPad Mini 5 2019 Review – Best In Class Mini Tablet

  1. How is the iPad mini for notetaking I want to get this for college but I haven't heard much about the experience of note taking on the mini

  2. I returned my iPad mini 5 because of its poor display quality compared to my current iPad mini 4. In comparison to my iPad mini 4 the iPad mini 5 display has terrible viewing angles, a magenta tint in blacks, a yellowish/greenish overall color balance and a reduced white point making colors and contrast dull looking. The only positive of the iPad mini 5 was the dramatically better processor performance. A real shame. Apple should have used the much better iPad mini 4 display for the iPad mini 5.

  3. Very nice short review dude, I have some comments about specific points in your review, Hope you read my Full review here.

  4. Here too the reviewer is asleep at the wheel, completely failing to mention how the iPad Mini is the one and only whip-it-out, instant-on, work-anywhere/anytime device for writers editors – the scribes. He is unhip to the silent revolution there has been, one which now allows the iPad Mini to perform a host of standard editing operations faster than what even Bill Gates himself could do at his desktop in front of a default version of MS Windows.

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