iPad mini 2019 review – a FIRST CLASS tablet

Here’s my review on the iPad mini 5! It’s such a great small tablet. Apple Pencil support and the A12 Bionic make this iPad simply feel like it’s coming from first class.
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38 thoughts on “iPad mini 2019 review – a FIRST CLASS tablet

  1. Is it really hard to understand that they kept all the things like bezels, Touch ID and other stuffs to keep the cost good? I mean you are getting a beautiful display with freaking A12 for a reasonable price.

  2. Apple just wants to sell more of their old home buttons, displays, headphone jacks, pencils and frames and impress the customer with the new a12 chip

  3. Apple just want get into gaming market,so need to retain the price,so they just use old design for cut the price,if u want all the features,buy iPad Pro instead

  4. I’d love Apple to make a MacBook mini/ bring back MacBook Air 11 inch but with a Retina display and starting price of ($) £600/700+

  5. the iPad mini 2019 looks like age tablet like the older model reminds of this iPad but this one is actually new with new iOS 12 updates and recieve the new features and very excited experience I like this iPad it's easy to carry wherever you go this one is really good size for student using iPad from taking a notes using productive apps and creative writing with Apple Pencil and also using this for daily instant review and keep more experience with 256gb

  6. “Why not?” Um cost? Adding all of the things that you want would have raised the cost around $200 and would have moved it out of the price range of most of the people who are going to want to buy this (niche) product. It’s fine as it is.

  7. “Outdated” some people LOVE that design.

    Lightning is Apple’s port of choice cause it works so stop complaining about everything

  8. My broke ass can only afford this ipad mini 5 but that would be a huge upgrade from iPad mini 2 fastest device i have is iPhone 6s which isn’t that bad tbh but I’ll be upgrading too the iPhone 8 plus later on in the future

  9. „If you are not following me on Twitter, I don’t know what you are doing with your life“ – haha 😂- that was a really good one! Thank you, great video.

  10. Great review! Love your style man! Getting this little machine soon. Still don't know whether space grey or silver though :/

  11. i bought the 2018 iPad 9.7" 128gb as my first try into the iOS world, and i think I'm convinced to switch full time. ♥️

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