iPad guitar amp on stage? – XTone Pedal Interfaces Review

Getting apps on the stage and your pedalboard can work, but you need the right tools to do it. XSonic offers a good solution with the XTone pedals.
A redeem code card is included in the packing box of the XTONE Pro for free. This redeem code is worth $20 and can be used to unlock the BIAS FX Essential pack.
For the XTONE and XTONE duo , a code to unlock jam up to jam up pro is included.
Also, an XLR to 1/4″ TRS Adapter is included in the package of XTONE Duo for free.

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19 thoughts on “iPad guitar amp on stage? – XTone Pedal Interfaces Review

  1. May I know how did you connect your output speaker via audio interface on XLR, or connect guitar amp on audio L&R output on the left side of Xtone Pro?

  2. Very useful review! My live rig for a while now has been Bias FX running on an Ipad Pro controlled by a 10 button generic USB MIDI floorboard and a Zoom G3 with a completely blank patch as an audio interface. I use AUM as a patch manager in order to send to MIDI guitar 2 to control any of a number of AUV3 synths as needed per song and assign the synth channels to an expression pedal so I can fade them in and out.
    Initially, I did use a live amp with an ABY switch as you mentioned in the video, but after a while, switching to BIAS just streamlined everything and made more sense. This pedal could shrink my foot print even more. Thank you!

  3. I’ve owned the black one channel model for 3 months now. The latency on this orca is the best compared to other brands, no crackling bc processing Boggs down. I wish there was an auxiliary input post processing, my iPhone won’t play jamtracks at controllable volumes simultaneously with music apps. I also would like a guitar input gain knob, the volume knob is just post process volume. An FX loop would be pushing it but that’s a good idea. I’d gladly pay the premium for the I/O works and whistles. I love my unit. I almost bought a multi-fx unit but already owned a few full guitar apps so I converted my phone into my unit for 150$ US dollars, now I can take a legit rig to a jam. Nice vid 42 thanks

  4. BiasFX blew my mind when it came out. Specifically with the dual amp and pedal combinations I can't afford to own, or lug around if I did. I have a stereo setup in the software with a "mesa" dry and dirty, and a "Vox" slightly crunchy, and wet with all time & mod effects, that I am rather fond of and have named "The Grohl"…For obvious reasons. This may be the gadget I have been looking for taking those tones from studio to stage.
    Let's say you ran the L & R outs into two Pedal babies, or a Powerstage 700, or even the FX return of two Micro Darks powering two cabs? In theory, you would virtually have a warehouse of amps & effects at your fingertips…er…feet so to say.
    BiasFx is soo good that I can run a pre amp pedal with a boost into my Focusrite 18i8 as my main drive tone, by turning the digital pre amp & tone stack [OFF] in global settings, thus only using effects, poweramp simulation, and cab IR's with amazing results.
    Great demo HP!
    I will check these out!

  5. These products apparently have a bigger cousin: the Harley Benton MP-500 Interface/Foot Control aka MeloAudio Tone Shifter.
    HP, how about doing a comparison?

  6. This is a Free video! To bypass these comments join the Patreon or buy the discograpy!

    you could have bypassed the comments anyway. but support is appreciated 🙂

  7. It's a good interface if you plan on using it with an iPhone, iPad or Mac. Drivers for Windows are very unstable for me (it uses ASIO4ALL). The one thing that bothers me the most is that I can't switch between CC Groups without triggering the CC commands. I'd really like to be able to program the messages, as some software demand specific targets… Still, it really is solidly built.

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