iPad Air 3 (2019) 10.5 Fortnite Scrim Gameplay on 60fps and Review

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31 thoughts on “iPad Air 3 (2019) 10.5 Fortnite Scrim Gameplay on 60fps and Review

  1. Is iPad Pro 10.5 also good?? It’s has 120 hz like double air 3 and 1gb ram more and it doesn’t have epic graphics but it has 60 FPS and high graphics and it’s 2017 btw

  2. Good vid and just to be sure, you said 30 players final zone lobbies and you’re still staying at 60fps. I’m thinking about this iPad because if that info earlier is correct, this would be the perfect device for me. You’re a god btw.

  3. Just letting you know on my device I delete fortnight once a month because after a bit it will start getting frame drop do the same trust me bc after a bit it will get frame drop

  4. How you put 72060FPS on your video?
    Plz help I just buy the iPad yesterday the same yours but, I thought only you can have it in 1080, how can u put it in 108060FPS or 720,60 FPS

  5. What is best graphics settings for iPad Air 2019? I planing buy Air 2019 next week. I play on SE so good) You can check my channel. Good luck 👍

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