23 thoughts on “iPad Air 2019 vs 10.5-inch iPad Pro 2017 – Which is Better?

  1. The 2019 iPad Air is Waaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyy  Faaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrr Moooooorrrrrrrreeeeee Awwwweeeeeeessssooommmeeeee Tooooo Affffffffiiiiiiinnnnniiiiiittttttyyyyyy Beeeeetttttttteeeeeerrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. The iPad Pro has better graphics performance too. The CPU performance is not noticeable and in benchmarks, the iPad Pro is only 20% behind. Combining with the ProMotion display, you will get a significantly better experience on the Pro.

  3. A12 chip in new iPad Air has better CPU performance than A10X in older iPad Pro. However, the graphic performance of A10X is still better than A12 because that ‘X’ means graphic enhancement. If you are more gaming or video editing oriented. It is better to choose old one

  4. I will probably go with the new Air. I still have a first Air, so I need a replacement to last me for several years to come. I figured an A12 processor will serve me better from this prospective.

  5. Found and purchased the last iPad Pro 10.5 marked down to $479 at my local Walmart. So that’s a good place to get a deal on the 10.5 pro if anyone is looking.

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