iPad Air 2019 UNBOXING (so much better) 😍

The brand new iPad Air is here! I’m so excited to review this thing, even though there’s nothing exciting about it except the price. It’s got the same specs as the iPad mini 5 but it’s got a keyboard.
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45 thoughts on “iPad Air 2019 UNBOXING (so much better) 😍

  1. Can i use adobe photoshop here for drawing and editing images, bcz i use photoshop and illustrator alot in my mac. I ineed it to be more simple.

  2. Send you love Apple pockets pockets why do you change your channel name to every day Apple products see that’s a good name since you love Apple plug it make sure you change your name to every day Apple pocket see that is nice channel name see you know everybody and Anya Real

  3. On t’as déjà dis de tourner d’un un film d’horreur? Avec un peu de maquillage tu pourrais faire le monstre

  4. Can you make a test and comparison between iPad Air 10.5 inch and iPad Pro 10.5 inch. I’m deciding on what iPad should i buy.

  5. I personally never had an iPad or device with 120hz display but this iPad Air 3 (I have one) display looks like it's very laggi.
    Can anyone agree?

  6. Looks like you had the smart keyboard back from the 2016 9.7” ipad pro, huh? nice to see that the keyboard also works with 10.5” iPads, even though the cover doesn’t fully fit.

    On another note, I remember you couldn’t show us ECG when you did your apple watch series 4 review video because you’re in Spain and ECG was only available in the US at the time. Now that ECG has become available in Spain along with several other european countries, are you planning to do a video to show the feature?

  7. Bought the 12.9. Here’s the issues so far, no external hard drive except wireless, can’t hook an external mic, this USB c port is a PIA.

  8. I was planning on buying this iPad but since it’s still unavailable here in my country i decided to go with the 11 inch pro

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