iOS 12.4.1 Jailbreak – How to Jailbreak iPhone – CYDIA iOS 12

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iOS 12.4.1 Jailbreak – How to Jailbreak iPhone – CYDIA iOS 12

Hey Everyone In this quick tutorial I will show you how you can jailbreak iOS 12.4.1 or any other. I checked many method but this is simplest and fastest one. As you can see whole process of ios 12.4.1 jailbreak took me about 5 minutes. All you need to do is simply follow step I did and your iPhone or iPad will get new icon with name Cydia. If you have oldest or newest version just select different version that suits for you for example: iOS 12.2 device iPhone X. iOS 12.4 Jailbreak is compatible with all devices and to install Cydia just simply follow all my steps 😊


Are you looking for a way to break the securities of the latest version of iOS operating system? Do you want to have your iPhone hacked without any complex procedures and illegal methods? Well, you came to the right video. In the moment you are going to witness the simplest, and surely the most efficient way of unlocking your mobile device without any programming knowledge whatsoever. You are welcome to read the description, where I decided to show you why a step by step video tutorial is what you need to do to have the newest version of iOS ready!

12.4.1 is the recently updated version of iOS, one of the most secured and certainly one of the best operating systems available on mobile devices. From the very beginning, the creators from Apple company focuses on safety precautions. Unfortunately, because of that there are a lot of options and functions limited or completely blocked. That is why I am going to give you a quick and simple presentation of what to do. My way of jailbreaking iOS 12.4.1 is clear and doesn’t include any unnecessary third party programs. Everything I’ve done was to give you a simple guide that will show you step what to do. Did I manage to succeed? See for yourself!

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26 Responses

  1. Happy Panda15 says:

    Totally works when there isn’t even a tfp0 available for 12.4.1

  2. الحمر الذكي بسانه رعي بقر ٥٢ says:


  3. Bharath Reddy says:

    great video mate thank you for this. thumbs up!! 🙂

  4. kora seul says:

    The explanation was helpful thanks for sharing this video

  5. daniel ollalva says:

    excellent app very good ios good job hand

  6. Diego Acosta says:

    good explanation, greetings B)

  7. John Smith says:

    great video mate thank you for this. thumbs up!! 🙂

  8. priya dharshini says:


  9. Shawn Glover says:

    I love this video, liked and subbed

  10. Elliot Smith says:

    after installing few apps I have jailbreak

  11. Sebastian Durgan says:

    subscribed for future jailbreak videos

  12. Sebastian Macdonald says:

    jailbreak is also on my iphone with newest ios great mate

  13. Marisol Duke says:

    jailbreak of ios 12.41 is on my iphone so i subscribed. thanks!

  14. Walter Rape says:

    jailbreak is also on my iphone with newest ios great mate

  15. edgar garrido says:

    Me gusta

  16. Gilbert Lancaster says:

    Hi, does it work world wide or just US? Thanks

  17. Billie McCord says:

    cool video, subbed and liked

  18. Dale Salazar says:

    worked great for my iphone !

  19. Maxine Wolfe says:

    just installed cydia after installing 2nd app

  20. Gloria Hughes says:

    cool jailbreak I must say

  21. Betty Cheney says:

    nice, thank u verry much!

  22. Wilma George says:

    I followed video and have cydia

  23. Eugene Tatum says:

    Does this work for iPad Pro?

  24. Andre Taylor says:

    Downloded the third app and Cydia is here 🙂

  25. David May says:

    What is Jailbreak and what does Jailbreak do?

  26. Michea Smith says:

    subscribed for future jailbreak videos

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