Insta360 Titan Unbiased Review – BEST Pro VR Camera of 2019?

Its finally here and there’s only one question on everyone’s minds – is the Insta360 Titan the BEST professional 360 VR camera of 2019? – I want to give you my unbiased review of the Insta360 Titan, so you can decide if you should upgrade your current professional VR360 camera setup to the Titan or wait for the next cinematic VR camera. Strap into your seats for this one, because this review is a doozy. Are you making the move to the Titan? Let me know down below!

UPDATE – 6/28/2019: Real world test samples are available:

⏰Timestamps for your viewing convenience:
3:20 – Insta360 Titan SPECS
4:26 – Livestream & Record in 8K 3D
5:06 – 50fps slow motion in 8K 3D
5:50 – 10-bit color depth
6:31 – Camera control and usability
7:21 – Low Light
7:41 – Stitching and Parallax Issues
8:30 – 11K 360?
12:00 – FlowState v.s. Stitching
13:16 – Motion Impossible M Pro sneak peek
13:26 – Titan weight: 10lbs / 4.5KG
14:00 – No SSD – 9x SD Cards
14:35 – My conclusion and advice on purchasing Titan

Download All sample footage here:
[UPDATED]11K3D photo samples – unstitched/stitched JPG and DNG Raw:
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32 thoughts on “Insta360 Titan Unbiased Review – BEST Pro VR Camera of 2019?

  1. Thanks for your video that camera looks like a total beast, overkill for my needs. What would you recommend for real-time VR streaming ie attending events, even 1-way video, 2-way audio for people in hospitals offices etc wanting VR communication?

  2. Good show, Hugh! Also a good move to tone down the post-production gimmicks used some of your earlier videos. You don't need them, and it greatly improves your content clarity and credibility!

  3. can you do overcapture with this camera? I do it on the Insta 360 one x using an ipad as the viewfinder and I love it but I want better quality.

  4. Make sure you have paying clients before buying the Titan. This thing costs $15,000 and will depreciate faster than you can to a 360.

  5. Great review! Been using my Pro2 for a while but would love this for low light and better image quality. Can you provide some insight as to how the Pico/Focus headsets are able to "theoretically" display 12K footage? It is my understanding that they have the same processor as the Quest so how is it possible to display such high rez? There is not a lot of info on the Visbit sight as to how they can do this.

  6. Fabulous review Hugh and what an exciting camera. I am so encouraged for the future of stereoscopic VR. The samples loom incredible in 3D VR in Oculus Go. Its only a matter of time before this technology is in a prosumer unit and the platforms have caught up. I can't wait to see this type of footage in a HP Reverb. Thanks for sacrificing your sleep to put the review together.

  7. Keanu Reeves! Now I want to go watch the MATRIX movies with NEO, eat some tomato soup, and go to the comedy club and have some fried chicken! Hugh, morpheus told us you were coming, the ONE, now I believe! I took the red pill thanks to you. Down the rabbit hole we go.

  8. I cannot afford it but gave you a great thumb up for presenting the video. It was a great video, but even if I had the money, I am too old and lazy to learn it. Just finished learning my Ricoh Theta SC that I got last month. My next up grade will be an Insta360 One X sometime in the future when the prices drop. Thanks again, cannot wait for your next presentation, Tamara of San Francisco

  9. As always – thanks for all your hard work! I have a question that springs to mind, what do you think the maximum resolution for 360 cameras will eventually be and how many years away are we from it? Just to clarify – max res so that when watched inside a VR headset, the footage is absolutely crystal clear and almost indistinguishable from "real view"?

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