Ice Lake NUCs? What we know so far…

Are we getting Ice Lake NUCs this year? A supposed leak of an Intel NUC road map says no, but looking at all the information available so far, I find it hard to believe as being real. Will it be 9th or 10th gen? This video looks into what we know so far including iGPU performance and the possibilities going forward.
Fortnite on the Ryzen 3700U:
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6 thoughts on “Ice Lake NUCs? What we know so far…

  1. Hi Rob, I have been a Mac user for awhile now and would like to dabble into Windows again. Been looking at these NUC's. I was about to pull the trigger on the 8i7BEH, then saw it was a Q1 18 launch (old – like me). I see on Intel site these Q2 19 8i7INH but cannot seem to locate this model anywhere here in OZ. Live in Melbourne, are they released here would you know.?? I am also looking at the just the slim line version with a fast Samsung 970 Pro M.2 and 16GB RAM…any thoughts / suggestions. Maybe wait if something on the release before Xmas. Be great to hear from you.

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