24 thoughts on “Hướng dẫn xếp Panda Origami 3D- How to make Panda Chef 3D Origami

  1. I tryed my best, seriously haaaa……pictures-> https://mega.nz/#F!FY41kKYC!0yGwEqXu3AtDYyGJul6qlg

  2. Lets try, sorry for the grammatic. I wrote: "well, I tryed agaun, for second time. It tooke me a decent amount of time, 6 hours. I have practice with this, im not new. It would be usefull if in future videos, first. 1. If you put the size of paper an the start, because I used the como normal size that i know, and my figure didt see like yours, because of the size of triangles. Second, english is a very world wide leanguage, maybe more descriptive instructions could be usefull, i really get lost in some parts of the video. I put the video at 0.25 velocity, so i can literally coppy all the movements that you did, and the exact place of pices you put. 3. maybe use of references points would help, like special pices or marks in the video. Otherwise, the video is preatty good, nice quality, as I say, it tok me alot of time…it could be les, but i enjoy it. (I got angry too because of getting lost heee). Sumary, more descriptive english subtitls if posible." hoppe you understand my english, my main language is spanish heeee, by from Panama!

  3. Bueno…lo he intentado de nuevo. Seria bueno que al inicio del las medidas del papel, pues no me salio muy similar, en general, me quedo muy ajustado. Instrucciones estarían muy bien, y puntos de referencia en la misma figura. En verdad hay partes donde perderse es muy fácil. Debo decir que soy hábil con esto y me tomo casi 6 horas hacerlo… poniendo el video en velcoidad 0.25 y colocando las piezas una por una igual que el video, lo cual causa que tarde mucho mas en armar todo. el video no es malo, solo esta mal guiado. Subtitulos, y flechas que digan donde va que o señalando partes importantes ayudaria mucho

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