43 thoughts on “Huawei P30 Pro Camera Test

  1. The selfie camera is far from having a good dynamic range it seems. And the video appears to have some micro jitters. And how about the audio recording bitrate? Have all these addressed?

  2. P30 pro results are really bad. I just got it coming from the pixel and portrait mode looks terrible the zoom option only works in great lighting…. I can't get 1 clean looking pictures with good colors

  3. I have the P30 pro and the video for the main 40mp lens has frame rate issues, everyone I've talked to experiences this. This doesn't happen with the telephoto and wide angle. I hope they fix this in the next update

  4. Worst reviews ever !!! Now I remember why you are one of the few channels I don't even follow and always end up dislike your videos !!!

  5. Hi I just bought this camera and I can't find the function to put 2 video recordings together (same as the from far and from close video that is in this video). Can someone pls advice me how to activate this?

  6. I just had one today. I'm loving it for so many reasons and I guess that's what you need to find out, guys. Go get your super, super smartphone of your own!

  7. P30 pro extreme low light mode, one of the killer point you did not test and compare, fail! That will blow away any phone the the market now!

  8. I just pre-ordered Huawei p30 Pro. Hope didn't make a mistake doing that. Instead of waiting for galaxy note 10. 😅 Still enjoying my note9 while gave my note 8 to my son. 😊

  9. You are saying that a simple compact camera is better than a high end Nikon or Canon, because the majority of people are not photographers.

    I'm sure this was the last video EVER that I viewed from you!

    The P30 Pro (get it? PRO) is the best camera phone on the market at this moment. Period!

  10. I watched this video on a TV and wasn't pleased with the results. The zoom is impressive but the video quality and stabilization is not near a tripod. The bokeh looks so fake, it's just heavy blur applied to the background.
    But why do you do a camera review and release the video in 1080p?

  11. You dont need to be a pro to take a good photo with the P30, this is a false conclusion. I bet your mother can still take a good photo with the Huawei P30.. seriously.

  12. my wife had iphone7 before.chage to p20 pro because she always carry power bank with iphone 7 even when sleeping.i buy her p20 pro.she love it so much. before we didnt know huawei.its fast and amazing camera

  13. P30 Pro beats Pixel 3 any day, even regular P20 is better than Pixel's underexposed daylight photos and yellow night pics, Google's copied night mode can't come close to the original with worse exposure, yellow colours, worse dynamic range, worse white balance, blown out highlights and way more noise. Actually get someone who knows what he's talking about to do these videos.

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