Huawei MediaPad M5 Lite vs IPad 2018 (Artist Comparison)

Which one is better value for money as a budget drawing device? Is one better than the other? Find out in this video.

00:38 – Price, spec, design, build quality
07:12 – M-Pen Lite vs Apple Pencil
09:23 – Drawing test
17:56 – Conclusion

M5 Lite full video review:

M5 Lite text review:

iPad 6 (2018) full video review:

iPad 6 text review:

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37 thoughts on “Huawei MediaPad M5 Lite vs IPad 2018 (Artist Comparison)

  1. That,s why I like Huawei, well they good and bad. But got the media pad. Expandable storage awesome, movies music Bluetooth. Nice speakers but Bluetooth still better. Web browsing simple games email and more good. The only thing Huawei you get android 8 lets say an android update. Huawei don't update fast or even at all. Not a big deal if everything's working good but one thing to consider lack of support updates Huawei.

  2. You can find replacement tips fore the m-pen lite at alliexpres.

  3. Isn't it convenient that the memory upgrade for the ipad AND the SIM upgrade are both exactly $100? Not some 'confusing' number like $86.50 or $112.00 or $99.99 (or even $25 – which is probably what they are both actually worth!). It so much easier for folk to deal with $100 or $200 or $300 I always think. Well done Apple.

  4. Heyy..Actually i wanted the comparison but after started the video my concentration was on your are a very good artist.

  5. Hello. May I know Can you disable or delete the first party Huawei apps? Have you installed third party launchers? Have you tried Chromecast? What's the latest and current Android version? Noticed any dark mode?

  6. I'd like to buy a tablet for school purposes (like taking notes on OneNote, or similar applications,during my university lectures), how does the combo M5 Lite/M-Pen Lite behave?

  7. Hi! Please do a comparison between Huawei mediapad M5 Pro and apple ipad air 3 (2019). It'll be really helpful, thank you!!! 😭😭😭

  8. Argh, I'm looking into buying a tablet for portable drawing mostly.
    I would go for the iPad but they seem noticeably more expensive then the competition here :/
    Especially when considering the cost of their pens

  9. Cool!
    I just buy this Ipad 2018 5days ago !
    Still need more practice because the monitor and pen feels very sleek. usually i used xp pen artist 12. but when i going outside, i can't always bring laptop and pen tablet. So, this Ipad is right answer 🙂

  10. Nice review. I'd love if you can review the new HP x360 G5 notebook computer. I saw a video of an artist drawing on one and am curious how it compares and if laptops have caught up with tablets yet.

  11. I know exactly which one I prefer and again I think your comparison nailed it. Very well done video. Thank you.

  12. I was wondering if you have heard of the tutto3 mechanical pencil that costs 1000 dollars. It's the most amazing pencil ever i think and alot of others as well think that. You can not find it anywhere because you can not buy them any more. I have two of them and, do not want to break them and want to know how to reload the leads.

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