7 thoughts on “Huawei Mediapad M5 Lite Review | iPad Alternative For 300 Bucks

  1. I am eagerly anticipating the release of this tablet in the UK market.

    But, have you tried installing a third-party launcher such as Nova launcher? Has all the features of the launcher been compatible so far?And does Huawei's gestures and navigations been able to function alongside the launcher's features?

    Is it possible to delete or disable Huawei's first party apps?

    My other concern is being a "lite" version it may get slower than usual updates than it's M5 brother?

  2. I really like this tablet. I'm glad you brought it out again to remind folks there are alternative products to Samsung and Apple.

  3. Wow Way!! This is the only Huawei area I haven't touched. I have a Matebook D laptop and it runs flawlessly, have used their phones and watches as well. You have me intrigued.

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