HP ProBook 450 G6 Review

A review of the HP ProBook 450 G6 15.6″ Value Business Laptop.
HP have made minor updates compared to the older Gen 5 devices for the ProBook 450 G6, an entry level business laptop from HP aimed at small and medium businesses. The G6 systems are now powered by Intel’s 8th Gen Whisky Lake processors. While the dimensions have been shaved off a little. Let’s take a closer look at the ProBook G6 and see if it is worth purchasing one of these business workhorses.
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Review Model UK SKU: 5TJ82ET#ABU £531.81p + VAT (£638.17p inc. VAT)
UK SKU: 5PQ57EA#ABU £579 + VAT (£694.80p inc. VAT) IPS 1920 x 1080 version
HP ProBook 450 G6 15.6″ Value Business Laptop Review

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22 thoughts on “HP ProBook 450 G6 Review

  1. I do like mine that I just got, but I can't find out what headsets would be compatible with the single combo audio/mic jack. I'm not even sure whether it's 3.5mm or what. If anyone has any suggestions for headsets, I'd be very grateful. And would a wireless/bluetooth headset work… do those things still have to take up a USB slot? MUCH THANKS.

  2. Thanks, I watched but i don't know english. I wanted to ask in private. How is the battery power? How many hours can i watch videos

  3. I bought HP ProBook 450 G6 and I don't feel like it can be used 8 hours without charging, impression is that I can't watch the entire movie(2 hours) from the start to the end? Is it normal ? I would appreciate a lot if you could help me !

  4. Can we trust this design?… I mean, the plastic… Is it enough solid?…
    And please, tell me which parts of this laptop are in plastic….

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