How to Use Smart Objects in Photoshop

Here’s a quick video showing you how Smart Objects will make your life *that* much easier when working in Photoshop!

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Smart Objects: By converting a layer to a Smart Object, you’re able to maintain the layer’s original state, allowing you to resize and add filters non-destructively. To convert a layer into a Smart Object, right click on the layer in your Layers Panel, and choose Convert to Smart Object.

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26 thoughts on “How to Use Smart Objects in Photoshop

  1. 2 things : create a smart object : right click on layer in layer pannel, click "create smart object". Now here's some other advice : DO NOT overuse smart object everywhere, only use them when called for. Smart objects everywhere make PSD's super, super heavy and quite franckly unmanageable (too much smart objects will make photoshop lag and drag, even crash in some instances). Smart object should only be used if you're testing size for a composition, as soon as you're happy with the layer and don't need to change the size anymore, pixelate it. Depending on your machine, having 10+ smart objects will litteraly destroy photoshop. I sometimes work with lego and disney and their psd's are a freaking nightmare, you end up with 3 gigabites files for a 300*600px document, which is utterly ridiculous. I aslo have a collegue who uses smartobjects for every. single. particle. You end up with psd's taking 10 real minutes to open in PS. ONLY use smart objects if you're not quite sure of the final size of a layer, if you dont need to modifiy sizes, stick to rasters. Also try to use shapes as much as possible to avoid having uneccesseraly heavy PSDs. Smart objects are kinda usefull, but they can become a real hindrance if you overuse them, only use them in certain situations. Moral of the story is : use smart obects…wait for it…smartly.

  2. That was an overview. Not a tutorial. I'm sure you've done this before many times, so probably didn't think it important to disclose HOW to create that smart object. Going off to search for a REAL tutorial…

  3. I think you skipped an important step, which is how to CREATE the smart object. That would be helpful for beginners who are wondering how to create a smart object before you can use it.

  4. Why you sounding so excited for? are you making this video on a laptop on top of a helter-skelter ? It's quite annoying.

    Shut the fuck up, you over-excited four-eyed git !

  5. Thanks but it would be a more complete video if you would show how to create, change, go in and out of smart objects. Maybe in a next video you can include that info. In any case, thanks for sharing knowledge

  6. Hello Howard,
    Wish you had a business card mock up tutorial but with automatic stack side appearance because that’s the part I don’t know how to do it :))))))

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