How to get Microsoft Word, Excel & PowerPoint for FREE!

Use the apps you know and love, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, OneDrive for FREE. Learn about where to get started and what the difference is between the free version and the paid version. Get started creating, collaborating, and getting great work done today!

For full disclosure, I work at Microsoft. I made this video as a personal review of

Thinking about subscribing to O365? Check the latest pricing on (as a disclaimer, purchasing through this link gives me a small commission to support videos on this channel — the price to you is the same).


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44 thoughts on “How to get Microsoft Word, Excel & PowerPoint for FREE!

  1. *Not Free Microsoft NEVER EVER gives anything for FREE, the price tag is always attached to its crappy products. You pay one way or another, now they need to be nosy and study what people are doing, what people are writing about, what people are thinking and how many are still asleep.
    MS does not offer anything for Free neither does Google / YouTube / Twitter they are all of the same little family, think what you will, I am a conspiracy theorist oh dooh.

  2. Typical of MS, you are just conning people to use "Cloud" so MS can spy on us whatever we write, read and do, just another spying trick from MS, you are incredibly sneaky by you I mean "MS" and people working for MS. (not all of course)

    What makes you think that I will even consider such option?

    No, I don't love them, and I don't love ANYTHING from MS, I hate Microsoft with a vengeance, you know why? Because I know how vicious, devious and sneaky MS is, its ethos, and ethics suck.

    And that way as usual the control freaks at MS could decide what I should write, what I can recover, upload, copy, read etc… Their sense of control has no boundaries, so no THANKS.

  3. hello Kevin. Don't listen to MNC Minukwa.. this person is not speaking for all of us. I personally am thankful for your video it was extremely helpful…

  4. if you will use all of these functions get it but if you are using them for homeworks there is no point paying that money

  5. There is a document I copied over to edit and there are lots of sections I cannot edit, it keeps saying that I need the desk Top Version so I gather this is not a full copy of MS due to be an online thing?

  6. It didn t solve my issues, as some the of these programs should be easy to help, when u need to get certain bank info from the bank, but without going to the bank and get dokuments, I should be able to do it all online and with onne of the Mircosoft programs/office pack?

  7. I tried this on an existing power point. I had 40 some audio files inserted into the slides. None of them played with the on-line version. Also, I was unable to run the presentation, I could only be in the "edit" mode. Other features were also missing. Unless I'm missing something, this is a too good to be true story.

  8. How to use on Android phone? Can we use this full version on Android? When i try, they keep asking to install word apps which is not full version like this.

  9. Wait, when I first got my computer I had the offline version for free but when I reset my pc because I had a virus on it, word was gone. What happened?

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