34 thoughts on “How to get Microsoft Excel for FREE!!!

  1. Your title says “get excel for free”
    You’re not “getting” anything. You’re using an online service. Title your videos better. Until then I’m giving a dislike.

  2. What click bait lmao… How to get excel video shows how to excel online not the actual program im just going to block your youtube channel so I dont see anymore lies from you

  3. Hey I have an problem can you helo me? I arledy bought office 365 and i havent got an excel can I "RE"instal excel pls for help

  4. Total bruh moment. excel online is cancer its like if iyou want to get powerpoint 2019 and you show us how to get powerpoint 2010

  5. Seems like you are new to the world of MS Excel, who does not understand the difference between MS Excel and MS Excel online. I suggest you learn MS Excel first before making such misleading videos. Happy learning…

  6. I've been using the app for iPad a little bit, but been wanting to be able to use my desktop. Thanks for this video.

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