44 thoughts on “HONEST REACTION to BTS Suga – ‘First Love’ (WINGS Short Film #4 FIRST LOVE)

  1. He was hit by a car and his shoulder was injured very badly and never healed properly and continued to practice and dance even when it was broken that why at like 10:30 he says “smashed shoulder”

  2. Hi aron.I'm from the phillipines and I am 38yr old.I love all your reaction the way you commented all the vedio you made I loved it all.lol I only see your reaction about bts.

  3. I know I'm late.. But pleaseee react to suga's "the last" it's very deep.. And if you want to hear him sing, react to Seesaw.

  4. please react to the last. I love Sugas songs cause He can put so much meaning into every each word He said. He´s style its always changing and improving. I really love the way you express about them. Thanks you very much, you really listen to them. Thanks

  5. the core of bts is really their rap line, even if some don't want to admit it. antis criticize their vocals but no one dares to touch their rappers because everyone knows they are that good. namjoon, yoongi and hoseok's contribution to the group is incomparable. without the three of them, bts songs won't exist. it's a little sad to see that most armys barely pay attention to them (and seokjin too). these three put their heart and soul into their solo songs but barely get recognition. the message and passion they put out into their music is outstanding. i hope you don't sleep on them from now on!

  6. Please react to "SONG REQUEST" BY LEE SORA FT SUGA" AND "SO FAR AWAY" the one with suran on suga's mix tape .. Im really sure you would come to like the vocals😁😁 and the lyrics

  7. Please react to "SONG REQUEST" BY LEE SORA FT SUGA" AND "SO FAR AWAY" the one with suran on suga's mix tape .. Im really sure you would come to like the vocals😁😁 and the lyrics

  8. I call it melodic rapping, it's allmost like rap singing. About the puppy, I allways linked it to innocence and purity, and the loss of it.

  9. that is literally relate each other, if you read ever or watch the theory 'highlight reel' and read Line webtoon called "save me" that literally figure out what's going on in this album, and that all relate to mv i need u, run, euphoria, and it's still relate 'magic shop' in fake love mv too. it's really can blow your mind. that why bts instresting😀

  10. The piano said: "But never be sorry to me
    You will meet me again in some shape or form
    Greet me happily then” The video's lyrics are not 100% correct, but this line doesn't mean necessary an another piano, but music. Music has many forms.

  11. Aaron connections are actually right in front of you, but I'm amazed at how you can't notice. The piano is about Suga and Jungkook. Both of them had a piano in their short film and you will continue to see it in the future. In Suga's short film, you didn't notice a car passing quickly, and then there were blood stains on the road. At the end of the video I NEED YOU, there was a car driving fast towards Jungkook, the images in Suga's short film symbolizing the accident of Jungkook. Piano is the first love for Suga and the fact that the piano is linked to Jungkook, cause Jungkook is the first love of Suga character in this universe.^^

  12. Will you react to jhope's solo boy meets evil? It's the comeback solo of wings and the lyrics are important to the story line. + his raping and dancing are beyond amazing.

  13. I hope that after you watch official content you would react to video made by xCeleste where she made summary of the storyline in BTS videos. 🙂

  14. All members actually work really hard to write their lyrics and they all work on writing but it’s been said before that usually when choosing the right lyrics for their songs usually it’s namjoon and yoongi that have theirs chosen by the company, but that doesn’t mean that the other members are any less hardworking

    you should check out the members solo projects in which they’ve written they’re own songs such as v-scenery or 4 o’clock, Jimin- promise, Jin- tonight and Jungkook- magic shop(I’m not sure about lyrics but I know he helped to produce this)

    And they’re constantly working on creating new music even now they’re on their break but I wouldn’t be surprised at all if they are still working 🤦‍♀️😂

  15. Love the video but don't ignore the symbols merging at the end of the videos, they hint alot about the relationships between the characters

  16. Just to help you a little:
    Suga and Jungkook are connected followed by J-Hope and Jimin and RM and V and Jin who sums it all up. The car passing by in First Love is the car that Jungkook got run over on in I NEED U MV and Suga feels guilty about it. Also, the thing below Suga’s feet around 2:15 might be Jungkook’s blood stain. Nice reaction😊👍

  17. piece of advice Aaron everything that you see in BTS Mv's or Short Films or something is all connected ,When I said all it is really All since No More Dream

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