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My honest reaction and review of 170219 WINGS TOUR SEOUL JIMIN – LIE

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Music reactions. Always honest. This is the motto of my channel. All of the reaction videos you will find here are genuine, honest and unscripted. I always make sure I don’t watch the videos prior to reacting to them, therefore you can see my first-time authentic reaction. Sometimes we relax and have fun and watch funny/entertaining videos that don’t require many comments, but with every song reaction I try to make them meaningful and educational, share my opinions, thoughts and ideas. There’s very few channels on YT that create meaningful reaction videos, and you just found one of them ; ) Enjoy your stay!

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  1. Jimin dances with his heart. He expresses himself to the maximum with every movement and most of all, he extends his body to make beautiful lines much like ballet dancers do when they leap and arch their backs with their heads tilted back. He pays the physical price for such dedication though and I appreciate and respect him for the sacrifices he makes in order to dance so beautifully.

  2. Jimin conveys the song through his movements, the back up dancers are just churning out a choreo they don't have any special care for imo.

  3. Finally…Lie live performance s by Jimin..tq Aaron…hemmm..i watched again this reaction..n I gonna comeback again after this coz I just I love so much ur reaction Aaron especially for this VD..love u coz u love Jimin n BTS…hemmm

  4. Fell in love with this reaction! Jiminie is super talented and how he manages to even sing like a word while doing this choreo, – if I start dancing don't expect me to sing and I'm not bad at singing

  5. aaron believe me, jimin wasn’t my bias back then but his performance was the one i looked forward the most back in wings tour, it was incredible to watch

  6. Actually, the synchronize that you refer to Jimin's dance moves and song's beat might because the In-ears he wore. Dancers might not have In-ears, so they seems to out of beat😅

  7. Actually both jimin and the back dancers were dancing on point and on the beat. The difference is jimin is hearing the song in his earpiece and dancing according to it while the back dancers are hearing the beat and music which is playing in the stadium. The beat playing in the stadium is heard fraction of a second late and slower then the beat in jimin's earpiece that's why there is a slight difference in the rhythm between them. But still jimin's dancing has precision that can't be matched.

  8. Please react to MAMA 2016. That was still my faveee performance of them. Jimin actually danced blindfolded but perfectly synchronized with J-hope.

  9. Since you are now on wings solo songs…please do react on Jungkook's solo song Begin live. You will be azed by his love vocals despite of the intense choreo.

  10. Aron! Thanks for reacting to Jimin’s <<Lie>> live performance! It is very rare to find a performer like Jimin who has so much different persona & colors in one person!!! ( Yes! JIMIN is PERFORMER rather then simple singer! Naturally all the BTS members are as well!) Jimin is famous for portraying the image of the music with his every tiny bit of body movements, facial expression & even just with his eyes! His all demeanor will change defend on the music, stage, clothe & hairstyle. Also he has enormous amounts of control of his body when he performed & he would execute every dance movements While I was watching all those footages of BTS performances, I have realized when Jimin is performing he just draws in, full all the eyes of audience & fall for his charismatic performances! Jimin has the X- factor that all the famous stars in the history do have! And amazingly he is so humble, kind, polite, generous, caring, affectionate & extremely hardworking person! The biggest Jimin’s charmed that I like so much is that his unpretentious, innocent child like quality & it’s because he still hasn’t lost that parts of his pure, untainted innocent mind!!! I really wish all the POWER of “ARMY” could protect this innocent in him forever!!!

  11. He has passion. That is what you are missing. Passion and musicality, hitting every single thing, but not just that, but feeling every single movement he's singing within the song that he is portraying. You have to think about it. Backup dancers can't seem to understand why they can't be in the for the front, they tried it, time and time again but realized they will always dance behind someone else. Why? It's not because they lack talent. They breathe this stuff, memorizing every last thing, but they are thinking. Always thinking what is next, how to do this next. But they aren't moving with their hearts, with real unapologetic passion. And that is the very thing they forget. Move with your heart, and not your brain. No matter how many times Jimin dances to this song, he will remain lost in it. But his dancers won't. They have to be in control of the music. But Jimin, he let the music become his puppeteer. Anyway, loved your reaction.

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