Hoi An Vietnam Beach Tour

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8 thoughts on “Hoi An Vietnam Beach Tour

  1. Here is the link to the maps and information promised in the above video:


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  3. I just joined your member site.
    – A suggestion?
    – with a small amount of additional detail, you can "also" help expats who will/want to work in those areas (not just retirees.).
    – just add – commuting options, preferred "work" attire and?
    – As an Expat who worked abroad, you know the type of things people want to know – before they accept a job/moving.
    The US alone has >9 million (2016) who work abroad and that doesn't include the military and others working for the US Govt.
    – UK has ~~5.5
    — I like your products and want you to succeed.
    -Keep up the good videos.

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