20 thoughts on “Himalaya Speed PART 3: Shishapangma

  1. Amazing climbing in the Himalaya-Wow! I think Ueli is one of best Mountainer, when he is already the best. Thanks for visit my channel.

  2. Yet still, no summit photo's or sightings, the proof is missing from
    many of his climbs!! If he climbs for himself he shouldn't document
    most of the trip to show us if he is badass or not if he is not going
    to include any proof for it, personally I don't consider summit audio
    dispatches and an old woman in kathmandu to verify it from her
    apartment, not being rude, just pointing out a fact. But again if he
    really did summit, he should show it to the people instead of bragging
    about it up to camp 2 or 3 and then disappearing !

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