32 thoughts on “Himalaya Speed PART 1: Training in the Khumbu

  1. Bloody idiot.
    A stupid show off.
    Well he’s not showing off now.
    He’s dead.
    I hope his wife and family got his insurance money.

  2. "My goal is to push high speed alpinism into high altitude mountains" Well, this thinking has been around 50 years, he's the fastest and he's inevitably going to end up higher than any mountain. I'm sure the gates will be open.

  3. I was thinking the EXACT same thing!!! You beat me to it I guess! It seems to work for him though! It gives us bowlegged-ers some hope! lol.

  4. gallacoffee.co.uk/acatalog/bialetti-moka-express.html

    They have the iconic one in. Its not as light as some other models (if you are that bothered by weight) but it is very good and makes a mean brew. I cant remember where I got mine from as a friend got me it but search google images for perculator coffe pots, theres loads.

  5. Yes it makes filter coffee. I got one not so long back and its an ingenious little thing that allows you to put ground coffee in without a disposable filter and when it boils the coffee bubbles into the pouring part leaving the sludge behind. Great if, like me, you cant hit the hills without decent coffee lol

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