her breaking point | Niki and Gabi take Miami EP 5

They say it’s always a party in Miami, but Niki & Gabi are bringing the heat up a notch for vacation with their best friends that they’ll never forget. Tensions come to a head when someone crosses a line causing the everyone in the house to go wild.
in my best friend’s bed | Niki and Gabi take Miami EP 4 –

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(NEW) Season 4 – Niki & Gabi take Miami:

Season 1 – Niki & Gabi Spring Break:
Season 2 – Niki & Gabi Summer Break:
Season 3 – Niki & Gabi take New York:

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Niki and Gabi react to hate comments:
Niki & Gabi read assumptions about their relationships with their boyfriends:

Niki & Gabi play two truths & one lie with their boyfriends:

Niki & Gabi react to past seasons of their reality show:

Niki & Gabi boyfriend VS girlfriend challenge:

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Producer: Gabi DeMartino @Gabi

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*Congrats Brielle Johnson, former cast mate of 3 seasons on Niki & Gabi for landing a full-time teaching job! Due to this, she was unable to continue her appearance in the show and was truly missed.❤️- N&G

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49 thoughts on “her breaking point | Niki and Gabi take Miami EP 5

  1. There is a part when Niki said's something and when it says Gabi said it but Gabi wasn't there …… hopefully this makes sense 12:45

  2. I’m not trying to be mean but Niki was a B*ch in the morning and how she didn’t say sorry and still talking sh*

  3. The craziest thing is THEY paid for this. Gabi and Collin took the couch when they could of said "I get a room you sleep on the couch"

  4. Your Zodiac
    1. Aries
    2. Taures
    3. Libra
    5. Saggaorious
    6. Cancer
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  5. i dong like denis at all yes he may have had a point but look at him he is realistically a 6ft tall hench guy arguing with little petite girls i don’t care what he wants go refer as he is a man

  6. like can I just say that niki said this is so petty and gabi stop trying to start drama like niki and gabi I don't get why in the first place you try to have sex on your friends bed that is so gross and niki said this is like they are in school like bich who is the one trying to have sex in someone bed get over yourself like I like yall vids but stop you are both assholes and if u want romantic time wtf did u go on this vaca with your friends and I just want to know why you did not just say sorry like its just the truth and I am pretty sure you know all of this is true so niki who is the petty one now u bich and one last thing gabi u did not have to leave you could of just went to the backyard by biches

  7. he keeps saying “HIS BED” but knowing damn well Niki & Gabi paid for that damn bed and he would even be at that mf house THEY PAID FOR if it wasn’t for Niki & GABI. period he’s over dramatic & ungrateful. he dragging shit sooo far out and literally IN HIS FEELINGS Gabi was w her bf in a bed she paid for 😩😩😩😩 CALLS HER OUT AND ALL I LITERALLY HATE HIS STUPID AGGY ASS EW EW EW

  8. okay niki said that it’s petty for alex and Dennis fighting. bruh says the one who was fighting about all of her friends liking gabi more than her, last season. so why she saying that when she was fighting about her friends liking her twin sister more?

  9. Hey ramdon question what happen to ken sorry if I spelled his name wrong I forgot his name what happen to your friendship

  10. He had every right to be mad. They invited everyone there. They are always with their bfs. They could have figured all that shit out before or after this. And u literally left all ur friends and u had sex in one of their beds bc U decided to sleep in the living room. I agree that yea he shouldn’t have just came to u two but I also can understand where he’s coming from bc what u guys did was fucked up. And instead of even apologizing, acknowledge, or admitting that u did anything wrong u didn’t. U literally thought u did nothing wrong and that’s some pretty fucked up friends. I watched u guys for a long time and I’m going to keep watching u guys but honestly what u guys did and the way u guys acted especially gabi, like u think ur hot shit. Honestly just made me not really like u guys.

  11. 3:50–3:59
    Bro, Niki said that Denise was talking shit,Alex didn't say that Denis was talking shit,she SAID Denis VENTED ,to Alex about being upset. Niki just being petty. instead of just talking to Denise she's(NIKI AND GABI) being PETTY!!!!!!!!!!

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