Welcome to our first Vlog in Hanoi. We visited the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, the Hanoi Train street and the imperial citadel. With of course, tons of food in between!
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23 thoughts on “Hanoi HOUSE TOUR and MAIN ATTRACTIONS

  1. I have friends teaching english in Vietnam and they were just visiting the train street! Looks super awesome guys!!! cant wait for the next vlogs 😀 much love xx

  2. Another great video 🙂 OMG quand avez-vous filmé ce vidéo? Coton outé ,juste froid dans le nord? Je vais être à Da Nang du 8-11 et Saigon 11-14 avril. SVP teach me how to say YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL in Vietnamese . Merci

  3. They are serious about "no cameras" aren't they? Even outside while in line. Train St is cool. I've seen it on other videos and would definitely go there.

  4. Yo! Have a great time for my part too. You guys blend in so well with the elementary kids on field trip. Haven't tried the egg coffee myself, but it looks like the love child between eggnog (you guys have it in Canada though?) and coffee. Can't wait to see you go further North to those rural areas.

  5. Omg i would kill for that Bun Ngan soup😋😋 i love that you guys are enjoy all the good food while travel.. from street vendors to popular places. I lived in Sai Gon never been to Ha Noi before. Didn’t know You speak Vietnamese quite well. Jade is funny with “bun” and “bao” thou hahaha 🤣

  6. Very nice video. New bucket list item, the train Street followed by egg coffee and imperial museum visit. Did you fly to Hanoi from Saigon. Are you going to Hoi-An? Thanks for sharing. Cheers from the Train Lord in South Australia

  7. We love Vietnam!!! we are fans from Sweden , you are welcome to visit us someday …may i ask if you are both Veitnamese because me and my wife was argued about Jade she thing she is chinese sorry to ask but we are little bit curious … 🙂

  8. wow really amazing house. view of city is enchanting, overall great trip. have a great day. thumbs up!

  9. wow really amazing house. view of city is enchanting, overall great trip. have a great day. thumbs up!

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