GT76 Titan DT Overclocking Guide | MSI

Overclock your GT76 Titan DT with a few simple steps in Dragon Center 2.0! We used a GT76 Titan DT with an Intel Core i9-9900K for this demonstration, but you can also follow these same steps if your GT76 Titan DT has an i7-9700K (overclocking results will vary). We don’t recommend overclocking a GT76 Titan (non-DT version) as those come with non-K processors.

GT76 Titan DT:

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13 thoughts on “GT76 Titan DT Overclocking Guide | MSI

  1. I already bought this GT76 and i do not recommend it since the lcd ips panel have very noticeable backlight bleeding in the corners and edges and the msi service center says its normal and this backlight bleeding annoying in watching movies and dark games your eyes will keep looking into this bleeding and its really not worth this money!

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