First look: ConceptD 3 & ConceptD 3 Pro | ConceptD

Take a look at the pure, minimalist design of this laptop produced for creators of all levels. Whether you’re doing 3D or 2D work this elegantly designed notebook meets all your color requirements and thanks to the impressive processor and graphics cards it can take on any tasks.

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16 thoughts on “First look: ConceptD 3 & ConceptD 3 Pro | ConceptD

  1. Hey, can you maybe tell me when the ConceptD 3 is releasing in Germany?

    And can you buy these laptops only with an SSD or also with an extra HDD?

  2. When during November is this Concept 3 gonna be releasing and for how much USD? Same questions for the 3 pro. Thank you!

  3. I wanted ConceptD 3 but it is not available in Colombia, Your official store wont import it, although they promote it on their Facebook page, I am really disappointed, you have lost a customer 😐😐😐

  4. I am really interested in these! But why does it take so long for you to update your product site? Apple has their full product page and even a page to pre-order on the day of announcement. It's very frustrating.

  5. It is about to be 2020 and we still don't have 2K screen resolution as standart. I would prefer 12" with 2K instead of 15,6" FullHD. FHD is not an efficent resolution for office work and multimedia anymore. Acer, please make a revoultion about that!

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