Filezilla FTPS connection stalled on TLS initialization? ( Solved )

Filezilla getting stuck at Initializing TLS. (Solved)

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By – Amlan Dutta

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So , the latest Filezilla ( FTP client) needs not only ftp but also a TLS authenciation before a server handshake happens to fetch data
Now, i was not able to connect to my godaddy server for quite few many days and i was wondering whether i am having ISP (Internet service provider problems ) etc
Calling support , they told me to restart my PC or reinstall Filezilla

But , from what i could gather none of these would work and none did eventually because we are talking of server autheniciation using a network which cannot be bypassed just by retsrating system or installing filezilla

So , the way to get about this is to have plain FTP setup which can be done with either of two ways

1.) Downgrading to older version of Filezilla which supports plain FTP ( 3.5.2 available at Filehippo) I have demonstrated this in the video

2.) Or , by going to file site manager and then by selecting plain FTP over FTP plus TLS which is selected by default in the latest version ..Somehow when i tried this , it didn’t work
So , i will not recommend this

Hopefully this helps


Amlan Dutta

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10 thoughts on “Filezilla FTPS connection stalled on TLS initialization? ( Solved )

  1. I am using latest version of filezilla3.24.0 and internet connection IPv6, (JIO 4g), its not getting connect. kindly reply here how can I connect.

  2. Some FTP don't open when switching to insecure plain FTP encryption and requires you to use TLS for login. I think this is due to some DNS issues in some ISP's as it works on my one internet service and not on the other for TLS. So to solve this problem you can use a VPN proxy service at desktop level which solves the problem for me. I use Ivacy which is a paid one but some free VPN at desktop level too should do the trick.

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