Family Vacation in Hoi An, Vietnam 🇻🇳 | Luxury Resort Stay // #MagaliTravels

🌴 In vlog 2 from the series, here’s a glimpse of five blissful days at a boutique resort in Hoi An. Click SHOW MORE for details. 🌴

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Earlier this year I went on a little trip to Vietnam with my parents. This is the second vlog from the trip.
After we spent our first few days in town exploring the touristy areas (all documented in this vlog: ), it was time to kick back & have a slower, luxury experience.
I really wasn’t expecting much out of the resort but it pleasantly surprised me a lot. A very well done & relaxing place, plus really nice people! The other guests were mainly senior British & Australian tourists, I’m pretty sure I was the youngest guest there. And the fact that there weren’t any kids made the whole stay extra great (sorry moms & dads of little kids). They had a nice breakfast everyday & the resort had decent menu pricing, though the dishes were a bit hit or miss. I didn’t enjoy the Cao lầu at all, & the BBQ pork was AMAZING on the first day but not so great the second time over.
Those are all minor niggles though, all in all we had such a NICE time here & five days just flew by.
You can watch all the Vietnam videos on this playlist: 🇻🇳 #MagaliTravels #MagaliInVietnam

╰ watch my Hoi An lookbook for outfit deets

╰ Karma Cay Tre, Hoi An

╰ Sheila Vaz (mom)

╰ Last cut + color was done in September ’18. They were a mix of Schwarzkopf Dusted Rouge shades, vlogged here:

╰ I have five tattoos, I made a video on them

╰ phone
╰ main camera
╰ main lens (wide angle)
╰ mini tripod – vlogging
╰ main tripod
╰ mic
╰ camera (travel) bag (I have red, also available in black, blue & grey)
╰ complete camera + gear list

╰ Mommy & Philanthrope [Inaudible]


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25 thoughts on “Family Vacation in Hoi An, Vietnam 🇻🇳 | Luxury Resort Stay // #MagaliTravels

  1. Hey, new subscriber here. Love your way of editing the vlogs, the BG music is so relaxing too! Would love to see more from you 😍

  2. this was really fun to watch 💕 [i just thought of it, but i think my choosing to watch your videos at a slower pace makes the content even more enjoyable/soulful for me! there’s always much to absorb and enjoy so it’s fun consuming it, this way. (your travel videos are definitely my fave! beauty/make-up/skincare and personal style too. everything probz!)]

  3. Free Thai food!!!!!! What could be better 😁 Also, pho is definitely my favorite Vietnamese food. Absolutely love the numerous amount of toppings and flavors u can add 😍😍

  4. Room was super cool !!! Loved the lamps and the colours put in there 😁
    The best part is breakfast in any vacay 😅😋
    Your Mumma is super cute❤️❤️❤️
    The earring you wore with the maroon swimwear was loooove
    The place looked super chill .. loved the vibes 😍
    I always carry books to holidays but never read 🙈🙈🙈
    Pretty excited about today's video .. waiting 😍

  5. You are the best the best vlogger by far the way to vlog it’s like u take us with u ….. 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾❤️my fav vlogger you deserve way more appreciation for your hard work …I normally watch videos but only u I comment ❤️❤️❤️❤️much love from Chennai

  6. Ye to bahut luxurious vacation ho gaya 👌👌 bahut dino k baad video dekha per complete family ko sath dekh kar dil khush ho gaya 😍😍
    Dad n Mom ko mera regards kahiyega , love to you 😍😍🤗🤗

  7. Such a chill vacation. ….. You really enjoy getting relaxation on a vacation. Which is basically the purpose but most people miss it …

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