Exterior Detail / Paint Enhancement / 3D Speed Review #3DSpeed #PaintEnhancment

Exterior Detail / Paint Enhancement / 3D Speed Review
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30 thoughts on “Exterior Detail / Paint Enhancement / 3D Speed Review #3DSpeed #PaintEnhancment

  1. Amazing job Miranda!
    In between HD speed and Mezerna 3 in 1, which you prefer or recommend? As I told you, I am a beginner detailer and I was thinking of buying both so thats why im asking.
    Regards buddy

  2. Phil did looks like you washed the truck vaccum interior wipe down and windows.
    Did you charge extra for dressing exterior trim?

  3. on hard paint my fav combo es lake country foamed wool pad and a flex 3201 and on soft paint rupes 21 with rupes yellow pad good video keep going

  4. Awesome job, I prefer 3D one just for the fact that I can put better protection on afterwards and whatever you put on seems to bond incredibly well after using it.

  5. I seem to get a better cut and gloss finish with the buff n shine euro tec synthetic mirofiber pads and the 3d speed. Cuts a little better and finishes out great to. Check those pads out, im using them alot recently and liking the look they leave. Nice video too.

  6. I used 3D speed for the first time on my wife's Subaru Crosstrex and it works perfect, the paint has fought me with other products.

  7. Great work Phil. I love HD (3D) Speed. It never lets you down. Can also be used on exterior glass (check out the product information sheet on their website).

  8. this give a nice shine is t available here .if you cut to much might make the clear coat thinner better few in perfections with a good clear coat.and nice shine

  9. What type of degreaser did you use in the pre-wash stage? Which seems like you degreased the entire vehicle with. If so at what dilution ratio?

  10. Hi Philip. Great job. The truck turned out wonderful. Since this contains a protectant as well is there something that you recommend as a topper to extend the protection?

  11. Another good video.
    I haven't used HD speed but I know I can get 3D products where I live. I've used Carpro Essence with a finishing pad to up the gloss after correction.

  12. Great video! The truck turned out great! You are correct it’s so hard to not be a perfectionist when doing an enhancement. You mentioned glass is your nemesis well if you want to try a great glass cleaner I would highly suggest Shiney’s Detail Glass Cleaner. I have tried many and hated cleaning glass but this stuff makes easy work of it.

  13. very nice video dear sia again great product unfortunatelly not availiable in Europe.
    Do you have any experience with the AIO menzerna 3-1 or Scholl a15 AIO? i am testing them now days.they only proffesional AIo i have availiable to my country

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