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  1. Hi , I want to seat my firms employees in conference tables in an upcoming seminar. However I want that each table should have fair representation of employees from different departments, cities, gender and countries. Can you please help with this type of data organization. Thanks a lot !

  2. Hi Can you help me?! I am pulling an bill of material for thousands of parts. I can't figure out how to work this spreadsheet to view it in workable data. I'll explain.

    I have part number, there are 5 part levels that go into that part number.

    I extract the data from an access database. The only view it pulls will look like this (example)

    123456 233445 543432 567678
    123456 233445 543432 567678
    123456 233445 543432 567678 986756
    123456 233445 543432 567678 986756 3847362

    So, this is what I need to see:


    It would be easy enough to delete duplicates. The problem is. I have THOUSANDS of parts at up to 15 part levels. So I see this data repeatedly and it's not functional to delete them individually. I've tried a pivot table. I've tried unique parts, If function, countif function. I cannot figure out how to remove the duplicate data without deleting cell by cell.. any recommendations? Please and thank you so much!!

  3. But what if I want to use the grouped data within a column in a sense of only grouping for example numbers 1-10 and then 11-20 and then using them as one and calculating a mean for each of these groups in connection to the factor y they will be plotted against? Hope I'm making any sense with this

  4. Is it possible to name a group you have created?  For example, I made a group of rows but I would like to give it a date.  How would I go about doing that?

  5. How can we control where the "plus" button will appear?
    When I group lines, for instance, I have some tables where it appears at the left of the header line (one line above the group itself), and others where it appears below the last line of the group, as in your example.
    Is there a way to control it?

  6. Very simple and easy.  Thank you for the excellent explanation, step by step, and not talking too fast.  Thank you also for explaining how to ungroup or clear.   Very helpful!   I like how you circled the information in red because often times we cannot see where a person is clicking and have to continuously pause a video to figure it out.  Top notch training  🙂

  7. I have no Data Tab. Using Excel 2010, I believe. But there is no Data Tab. I only have Home, Insert, Page Layout, and Formulas. Anyone know where I can find the grouping option??? I tried Alt Shift and Right Arrow too, and it's not doing a thing. Please help if you can, anyone who knows, thanks so much.

  8. @ Edgar

    A great website to look for, and ask, your question is chandoo.org.   It's a site dedicated to excel.   I'd highly recommend asking your question in the forum as well.

    Hope this helps.

  9. Hi im extremely curious, can you link the toggle bar where u clikc 1 2 3 with the actual columns, kind of like instead of clcking on 1 just click directly on the column??? please help

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