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Each film coated tablet contains Domperidone Maleate BP equivalent to 10 mg Domperidone.

Indications of Efodio:
1. Stimulation of gut motility in Dyspeptic symptom complex
• Non-ulcer dyspepsia
• Delayed gastric emptying, gastro-esophageal reflux,
reflux esophagitis and gastritis
• Epigastric sense of fullness, feeling of abdominal
distension, upper abdominal pain
• Eructation, flatulence, early satiety
• Nausea and vomiting
• Heartburn with or without regurgitations of gastric
contents in the mouth
• Diabetic gastroparesis
• Functional dyspepsia
• Speeding Barium transit in ‘follow-through’
radiological studies
2. Prevention and symptomatic relief of acute nausea and
vomiting from any cause including cytotoxic therapy,
radio therapy and anti-parkinsonism therapy.
3. In the treatment of migraine.

Side Effects:
Domperidone may produce hyperprolactinemia (1.3% frequency).
This may result in galactorrhea, breast enlargement and soreness,
and reduced libido. Dry mouth (1.9%), thirst, headache (1.2%),
nervousness, drowsiness (0.4%), diarrhea (0.2%), skin rash and
itching (0.1%) may occur during treatment with Domperidone.
Extra-pyramidal reactions are seen in 0.05% of patients in clinical

source: https://arabsn.net

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