EasyThreed NANO Review – Best Starter 3D Printer for $150

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This video is a review of the EasyThreed NANO 3D Printer. One of the best starter 3D printers. It is a very small, compact, silent and cheap3D Printer that costs only $150.
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The EasyThreed NANO 3D printer is probably one one of the best starter printers that you can get for $150.
The exterior size is 188x188x198mm. It has a print volume of 90x110x110 mm, and the build is very compact and good looking.
It’s very light as well, being it’s weight only 1kg.
It’s easy to use, with its 1 click function. The only you have to do is to insert the included MicroSD Card with the g-code, and click the start button. That’s it.
While printing, it’s very quite, since the motors and all the components are very small.
This features make the EasyThreed NANO a good gift for kids, for students, for school or to start in the world of 3D Printing.
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