Easy way to Insert a YouTube video in PowerPoint 2016

Easy way to Insert a YouTube video in PowerPoint 2016.
Learn how to embed an online video into your next presentation!
It is a fairly straightforward option in PowerPoint 2016.
Go to Insert – Video – Online Video and you can select YouTube and search for videos or just insert the URL if you already have it.
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14 thoughts on “Easy way to Insert a YouTube video in PowerPoint 2016

  1. good tip. also, I use ZillaTube to produce powerpoint videos, which I can easily insert it into my powerpoint for instant and offline replay anytime. Works great, google ZillaTube

  2. The issue that I am having, is that I do get the picture box when presenting the slide. But, when I click on the video, I do not get anything that gives me the option to play a video. I get a black screen, and nothing happens. Do you have any thoughts.

  3. Please help…I do not have the Online Video option when trying to insert a video onto the slide!  Only have Movie Browser and Movie from File.  I tried everything.  I am very frustrated 🙁

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