48 thoughts on “Doraemon Thêm – Sự Nguy Hiểm Của Công Viên Vũ Trụ

  1. エルが「来たぜ!セニョリータ!」って叫んでるのディズニーのホセ・キャリオカにしか聞こえないんだけど、分かる人います???

  2. たまたまこの動画見つけてみたけど、昔これ飽きるくらいみてたのを思い出しました。

  3. Okay first dora nikov wan dora dora med lll got sink in water then el mata dora and kiddo got step by giant robot and now dorami and dora rinho is in the maze

  4. Entah hapa yg kelen bilang ku ngerti aku gk bisa apa pake bahasa indonesia-_- tulisan kalian pun kek cina cina to😑😑😯

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