Don’t Buy The Apple Smart Keyboard Folio For iPad Pro (2018) – Watch This First!

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Before you buy the Apple Smart Keyboard Folio For your iPad Pro (2018) watch this video. I show you in detail what issues I have with this keyboard and what alternatives I found.

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47 thoughts on “Don’t Buy The Apple Smart Keyboard Folio For iPad Pro (2018) – Watch This First!

  1. So which smart keyboard do you prefer? Or do you have any other options? Maybe not using a physical keyboard at all? Looking forward to reading your comments! 🙂

  2. If you use the Logitech slim folio it weighs as much as a MacBook Air and close to a 13" MacBook Pro. I say might as well get the MacBook 🤷‍♂️

  3. Hey Tim, thanks a lot for your review 🙂 your English is really good and your voice sounds very friendly and pleasant to listen to. All the best on your YouTube journey!

  4. Logitech is way too chunky , big and heavy. I much prefer the original from Apple. And you can use it with an angle to draw, too, you just have to figure it out. Additionally I don’t need nor want any protection, because I have an insurance plan and I want to enjoy the design and feel of the naked iPad.

  5. Das Problem ist, dass mir das von Logitech viel zu klobig ist. :/
    Das von Apple ist mir aber zu teuer. Bisher nehme ich einfach gar keine Tastatur, bis es eine perfekte Lösung für mich gibt.

  6. Erm I have too keyboards both the Logitech and the apple one. At first, I find the Logitech one is too bulky and it makes my iPad toooooo heavy. I, then, bought apple’s filo keyboard. I regretted immediately. The space key for the apple one is too insensitive…
    I think I’m gonna use the Logitech one real soon…

    I think apple intentionally make the apple keyboard bad so that people will still need to buy a MacBook…

  7. I use the Logitech Slim Folio for my Ipad 6th Gen. It felt more secure for me and I can place my pencil securely.

  8. Tom, I agree that the Apple case is garbage. My iPad Pro came sliding out of the case and crashed. Apple did not stand behind it! I got the Logi and love it!!

  9. Tom, my question is how is it using this Logitech case when you want to write with the Apple Pencil with the iPad laying flat on a table?

  10. I use a Logitech Slim Combo keyboard kit for my 2017 10.5in. iPad Pro. It’s super thick and heavy, but it provides protection for peace of mind and has actually saved it from a drop. I like it though because it uses Smart Connector and that saves weight. It also has a laptop-style, backlit proper keyboard that I can detach as per my wish. It was also $100 less and there are two brightness controls (for keyboard and screen), holds Apple Pencil, and has a Surface Pro-style stand in the back.

  11. "Thank god you didnt bought 4 cases and 2 ipads just to find out what works besst for protection."
    Thanks for sharing your insights and sorry to see so many expensive product that are just-not-finished products.

  12. I would recommend you buy bridge hybrid pro it’s really good and It doesn’t need a kickstand..also it look like a MacBook and it’s really cool

  13. Pull the top of the screen towards you and the push the bottom forward so the spine of the keyboard sits on the back of the Logitech folio. That’s what I do and it is more vertical.

  14. Unfortunately, these Khomo accessories don't seem to be available in my country. It is certainly much better than the Smart Keyboard. However, let's keep in mind that the iPad is a portable device. When I go outside I don't need an extra keyboard, and when I'm in the studio I haven't seen anything better than the Apple Magic Keyboard. It has too many advantages over all these pretty but weak toys Apple designed for iPad Pro 3rd Gen, and I can also use it comfortably on my lap.

  15. Hello Tom,
    Thanks for your quick reply !
    It’s a good suggestion to use subtitles. So I did now. That works.
    (Unless written text is easier to find, if you want to compare items in the same video)
    Your are completely right Grams no Ounces ! Sorry, I missed it.
    Something with my ears or my age (72) ? Anyhow I rewatched the video and everything became clear.
    Thanks for now and hope to see your next video.
    med vänliga hälsningar,
    Paul from Sweden

  16. Thanks for your video about iPad accessoires and so on.
    I like your calm voice and good pronunciation, easy to follow.
    May I give you some hints to make it more useful for strangers like me, Write down the names of products shortly.
    I still don't know the name of the products you are talking about, except Mac, Apple. etc.
    Please give also weights in metric. Difference 300 once ? No idea !
    Thanks in advance, an European.

  17. Am I the only person who doesn’t like the feel of the material of the keyboard? For me it’s like running my fingernails down a blackboard. I am looking for a keyboard case for my iPad Pro and I’ll sell my Apple keyboard. I’ve seen a keyboard case by Gold and Cherry. Could you do a review of it please?

  18. This is such a step down from Logitech's previous "Slim Combo" keyboard for the iPad Pro 1st & 2nd gen. Also very disappointed in the lack of smart connector support.

    Came here to evaluate keyboard options before upgrading my 2nd gen to the latest one. As much as I want USB-C, I might just stick with what I have until better options come along.

  19. Thanks a lot for this review. I was looking for a similar protective case and Logitech solution was my a favorite one. Also Khuma cover seems to be worthy for me 👍.

  20. I owned several ipads over the years and I don't even use cases and they are flawless. If you can't have an Ipad without breaking it then maybe you're the problem? If I was putting those objects on the wall, I wouldn't have my Ipad sitting under it, that's just dumb. Also don't carry the thing by the side with the pencil, carry it by the other side. derp. pointless review.

  21. Different people have different demands. Engineers worked so hard to make iPad lighter and thinner then some people put a heave case on it, it is hard to make a keyboard case light and also light anyway. However, the only problem to me is that the price of apple Smart Keyboard is ridiculous.

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