Does This Version Have IMAX Scenes? Avengers: Endgame 3D Blu-ray Review

We review Avengers Endgame on 4k bluray in Dolby Atmos.
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36 thoughts on “Does This Version Have IMAX Scenes? Avengers: Endgame 3D Blu-ray Review

  1. Blu-ray 3D definitely the best version of AVENGERS: ENDGAME even I can't recommend it highly enough, just wish the IMAX version was on this disc, just hope 3D makes a bigger comeback with the Avatar sequels (when they eventually get released) great review once again Shane.

  2. I'm still holding on to my 2016 LG OLED C6 since it's 4k HDR/Dolby Vision AND does 3D very well! I still have a robust 3D collection along with 4k movies and I'm hoping 3D makes a return in the USA. #dreaming

  3. Just received my 3D Blu-ray Copy today definitely the best way to watch this film, I found the sound on this disc to be the same as INFINITY WAR 3D Blu-ray, but honestly can't recommend this version enough even if you have to import it, shame again about IMAX shots although DISNEY+ Could Win That Deal, Great Review Again Shane

  4. Fuck the IMAX frames scenes no need for projector viewers like me because i do blanking masking on all Blurays with IMAX frames it sucks for projector viewers only relevant for TV viewer + the new IMAX frame trend (1.90:1) is even lesser IMAX frame (1.43:1) than Chris Nolan 1.78:1 IMAX frames wich it did more sense

  5. Couldn't wait for the review. Got it imported. A/V = 4/4.5 out 5 each. Video looks so much better than in the theaters. I had watched it 3ice theatrically. Sound is a bit low as like most other Marvel home releases but this one has a very good surround sound panning like Infinity War.

    Terminator: Judgement Day 3D blu-ray review please.

  6. Thanks for the awesome review shane! Like most already commenting here this was what I was waiting for and still am (another week for the UK disc release).
    Great to hear once again that marvel turn out another great 3D movie! Very happy to hear it's a good sound mix even if it's not Atmos (mine is a 7.1 system anyway).

  7. IMAX will probably be rereleased next year on the SUPER EXTENDED theatrical then home Video version. About 35-40 minutes extra story and action that Charlie on Emergency Awesome mentioned.

  8. Can't wait for my 3D copy from Zavvi. I double dipped on this one, had to buy the 4K when it came out, and I've already watched it three times. Don't think I will be watching the 4K again once I get the 3D.

  9. Another excellent review. May the 3D come back in some big way again one day, when it is done right (like here), it truly is amazing.

  10. Check this out. So the movie it’s self has been released on Blu-ray in the uk. I’m positive I saw a post on Instagram confirming this. Yet I have to wait until the 2nd September for the exclusive limited edition 4K steelbook!!! 🙁. WTF to that !

  11. hi you found the 3D better on Endgame or on Infinity War or both the same? But from your Points its the same 9.8. I go 100 % with 3D.

  12. Don't own a 3D tv, but i use my PSVR headset to watch movies in 3D and my tv for 4K version. Even with the lower resolution in PSVR, 3D is a great experience.

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