Does Soy increase Estrogen? Science Explained!

Potency is all about dosage! Paracelus said, “All things are poison, and nothing is without poison. The dosage alone makes it so, that a thing is a poison or a remedy.”
That holds quite true even today! Almost for any food/nutrient you can think of, there is a quantity beyond which it’s negative effects overpowers the positive.
That’s all old wisdom though. So, let’s look at the science.👇
Hitting 30-50 gms of your daily protein through soya is absolutely safe! Although more might be safer as well, but this is what I would go with. Besides, you should be hitting your protein from a variety of sources anyway. Eating all of your protein from one source alone, be it whey or chicken, isn’t adviced either. So why bash soy alone?
Waise bhi I know, aap roz to khaane nahi waale. Bore ho jaaoge. Aur agar kabhi kabhi hi khaana hai, tb to fir koi sawal bacha hi nahi yahan! 😁
BOTTOM LINE- Everything in moderation, soy included!😁
Share with your friends, especially the vegetarians, who need to see this!😜
And tell me in the comments what soy foods (if any) you eat to hit your protein. 😁

Hope this helps!

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7 thoughts on “Does Soy increase Estrogen? Science Explained!

  1. Eye opner video for those
    Jo life me first time soya khana ho tab bhi estrogen aur men boobs ki ma bahen ek karte hai….

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