29 thoughts on “Dj Tutorial, Video 3, The loop function of a Pioneer CDJ-800 turntable

  1. imight buuys these this year does this connect to serato my friend said you need to cds in the cdjs in ordeer to us the serato

  2. @TheCromptonmatthew Hi. That mixer is the Pioneer DJM 600. It's now discontinued, but there are now more in the series: 700, 800, 900, 2000 etc. They're all very expensive though. Peace.

  3. To adjust a loop, you just need to press the Out button, No need to press & hold..So you can have a free hand to do other stuff.

  4. Yes if you use something like Torq or some program to play digital files with control vinyl OR you had a piece of hardware like a sampler to create loops on the fly.

  5. nice, still my problem is on the tutorial 2 response i made, anyway.. you don't need to keep your finger pressed on the (oop out/adjst) y just press it, adjust, and pressing it again lol try it! 😀

  6. Look at Ebay, some people sell their deck for cheap because they got a better deck, that is what i did with mine, there wasn't anything wrong with it, i just got a new deck.

  7. cyberstorm here i am a dj to so far i can i like your tutorials i find them good and still im learning after three years keep up the good work greetings from belgium

  8. I get it! Thank you so much! I could never figure out they did that, but I did notice certain things like them wearing headphones…Thanks!

  9. nope. that feature is unfortunately only available on the cdj-1000/dvj models. 800s only have the loop out adjust.

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