Dell G3 3590 (2019) Gaming Laptop Review

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Dell G3 3590 (2019) Gaming Laptop Review

The G3 is Dell’s entry level budget friendly gaming laptop starting from $800, and it’s been refreshed for 2019, so let’s check it out in this detailed review and help you decide if this laptop is worth it.

I’ve tested the Intel i7-9750H / Nvidia 1660 Ti Max-Q configuration in this video.

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i5-9300H + GTX 1050:
i5-9300H + GTX 1650:
i7-9750H + GTX 1660 Ti:

You can find out more about the cooling pad I used in the video here:

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48 Responses

  1. Victor Eduardo says:

    Lenovo y730 is trash

  2. Dylan Decatur says:

    Just bought this laptop. Should have it next week. Hope I dont regret it.

  3. You Need to Know says:

    Precessor: AMD dual core E2-9000
    Ram: 4 GB DDR4
    **Can this laptop run MS office and internet without any problem?

  4. Val Saludo says:

    Anazon and new egg:$800
    Your local computer store:$13-1500

  5. Knowledge Spreader says:

    So how did you download the alienware? I have a G3 dell and I downloaded Alienware from Microsoft store. However, it said that it missed an Alienware device? What should Indo?

  6. Amazing Life says:

    Hi Guys, screen of G3 -3590 is 300 nit brightness with option basic right ?

  7. Iskandar Nik says:

    hi, can you decide for me, the Dell G3 i7 gtx 1650 with 16gb ram and 256gb ssd+1tb hdd or MSI GF63 i7 gtx 1650 max q with 8gb ram and 512gb ssd. I still confuse on what to choose bcs the price are the same.

  8. Maitri Karuna says:

    What would you choose :
    Nitro 5 2019 (ryzen 3550h; rx )
    Dell 3 2019
    Aspire 3 (ryzen 3700u vega 10/11; dual channel ram)
    Swift 3 ryzen 3700u
    Hp pavillion gaming 2019
    And why ? Pretty please

  9. Joseph Heartsu says:

    did you ever figure out how to stop the power limit throttle? i bought this exact laptop and i was getting it to run at 4ghz non stop almost with just .145 undervolt. but power limit throttle started dropping it hard. i even went into the bios and turned of intel smart whatever and now its just throttling everything>.< my temps are amazing even under stress test they never goto 80 so im wanting to try and get this thing to stay at 4ghz stable any advice?

  10. mankind and destiny says:

    How does it run and decode 4k and 1080p Hevc and VP9 10bit videos do they run smooth or do they lag ?

  11. TitanTube Ultimate says:

    That bends a sh*t ton. Thanks for this great review though. I was recomended this for work and gaming and im not sure if its a high choice now. As in im definitely not getting this

  12. Ryay Mukti says:

    How good is this running at running Monster Hunter?

  13. javier candia says:

    Can you upgrade ssd/hd and ram?

  14. no rulexz says:

    jarrod love your content i got this laptop too my cpu temps are 90 to 100 while playing siege is it normal

  15. no rulexz says:

    i have got the same laptop but it aint giving more than 2 hours of battery time while browsing or youtube

  16. Kata 1123 says:

    Love it!

  17. Liz Bouldin says:

    Is this better than Vostro 15 7590 i7

  18. Ratanak Naokhorn says:

    How much was that ?? 🤔

  19. sebastian Reyes says:

    Im between this computer and the HP 15 c2013 that has 12 gb RAM but the GPU is way worse than the gtx 1050 ti

  20. Aleksandr Dang says:

    recommend which laptop is better to buy (I saw all the reviews using this technique, namely the Lenovo y530 and dell g3 3579). equipment: i5 8300h 8gb + gtx 1050 4 gb (equipment is the same, which is the first, that in the second model). What do you advise, or maybe some other option, but not more than $ 850.? Thank you in advance!)

  21. Nasa Aquino says:

    Hi. Im planning to get this laptop. And I haven’t seen a review of this for video editing or for graphic designing. Is this laptop good for softwares like photoshop or after effects? And how was the colour accuracy of its display? Would really appreciate your reply, thanks! Great review btw and congratulations for reaching 100k subs!!

  22. Arnulfo Abarico says:

    Nitro 5 9th gen or dell g3 9th gen? Answer pls thank you

  23. Tactact says:

    My dodo internet doesnt allow me to use my laptop to its best of abilities

  24. Coordinación Prensa SNTSA 9 says:

    Excelente Videos, saludos desde México

  25. justinholman123 says:

    Thanks for this review! As you know, I was also looking at the ACER Nitro 5 with EXACT same guts as this but $500 cheaper….purpose = video editing…..

  26. AUS ALL STARS says:

    Would this work for school aswell as gaming?

  27. Smype says:

    if you were to choose this laptop or the asus fx505du, which one will you recommend?

  28. letgouvgod says:

    Man your mic is driving on the bass tones

  29. yen tovid says:

    review hp pavilion gaming 15 with i7 9750h and 1660 ti max q please

  30. Jun Stef says:

    do your unit have coilwhine?

  31. Bača says:

    Would you reccomend me this laptop? In my country I can have it at 950€, which is the lowest price I can get for laptop with 1660ti graphics. I was also wondering if the thermal throtteling is too big of an issue, as in my last laptop it caused very bad fps drops.

  32. Dioricok15 says:

    Can anyone speak for the battery life on the GTX 1650 model?

  33. Andrew Nguyen says:

    I’ve been thinking about getting this laptop for a bit and I was wondering, will it be ok so I can use it for college but also game while I have free time?

  34. Carlo Del Rosario says:

    Do you think it’s good to lower my fan speed if it clocks when I’m playing a game using more than 50% of my cpu?

  35. PH says:

    Guys, anyone tested the 128gb Nvme that come with 2019 G3? How are the tests? I'm getting only 400mb of write

  36. Jrad says:

    Nice shirt

  37. John Hughes says:

    Great review. I would love to see an XPS 15 2019 review. I'm interested in its display advantages over the G series.

  38. wadafefe says:

    How does this compare to the original G3 and how's the screen I may upgrade to the new one in a few weeks

  39. Carlo Munoz says:

    That computer sounds like is about to take off

  40. Rushil Vasant says:

    How to enable ultra performance mode

  41. honaker326 says:

    I just got the i5 variant with the 1660ti (regular), 8gb of ram, and a 512gb nvme ssd for $800 USD. I was just using the regular discount for this week. It is the 60hz ips panel with 300 nit brightness. I had to contact their customer support just to get the answer. They also sell a cheaper ips display with 220 nit brightness. I will most likely be undervolting. I've seen some really great thermal reduction with only losing 100Mhz to 200Mhz and on average a 10c reduction between 8th and 9th gen mobile cpu's. I prefer the i5. The quad core just handles that thermal design so much better than the i7 can with those extra cores.

    Edit: It actually came with the Max Q version. I didn't realize that until just now. I thought it was the regular version. Well then lol

  42. Ronaldo López says:

    I got the top tier model for just above $800 using my employee discount at my job + savings that were already in place. Did I score for that price?

  43. Jafet Esau says:

    hi, could you help me decide, DELL G3 2019 or HELIOS 300. thanks

  44. fernando macedo says:

    I have the same model with i7 and gtx 1660ti. Well, I already did a undervolt in cpu without lose any power.
    Temps are sub 80c without a cooler base or repast. (-125mv cache, -175mv core) I Will try more on core later.
    My queation is about gpu, do you did any test undervolting it?
    Ill work on gpu this weekend.

    Also, congratulations for your exceptional work, because of your review, full of details but also objective I ended up buying my model in dell.

  45. Javier Hernandez says:

    I kinda hate the m.2 2230 chode SSD. Wish it had a full sized sk hynix, faster and has dram. Still ok performance on my i5 1660ti config g3.

  46. bcove90 says:

    Only thing I don’t like is the 60hz monitor, not enough monitor for the hardware for the games I play

  47. NemDannys says:

    This laptop vs ASUS ROG STRIX G531GU, which one has better cooling ?

  48. Aman Jain says:

    Why isnt it available in India?

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