Dat Bike Weaver Review: Is This Electric Motorbike The Solution To Vietnam’s Polution Problem?

We take the new Dat Bike Weaver for a test drive to show you all what it’s capable of.
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10 thoughts on “Dat Bike Weaver Review: Is This Electric Motorbike The Solution To Vietnam’s Polution Problem?

  1. You and Alex should have a weekly show where you Drive in the back of a taxi for an hour or so just talking about life in general Vietnam anything really

  2. It would be nice to see the electric bikes helping the environment. Bicycles are also great because they help improve people's health – many people could use more exercise.

    Part of the car problem in Viet Nam is that (particularly in Sai Gon and Ha Noi) it has become a status issue for people to own a car (and show it off). Unfortunately, many people care what others think about their perceived wealth.

  3. These are nice but for those you actually like motorbikes, it seems to be a downgrade. I ride an XR150L which I really enjoy riding around the countryside, forest trails, and the city. They would need a larger version for taller people as well as some sort of storage like the option for a top rack. And finally, while it is great it's quiet that's actually a bit of a concern as people drive so close you here in HCMC that I want to be able to hear people coming from behind me. I would like to try it out though and see if it would be worth it.

  4. You should check out the Vinfast Klara. Looks like a real, electric replacement for gas powered scooters. And they look way better, IMO.

  5. The distance on one charge, quiet motor, and lack of toxic emissions are all awesome, plus the length of time between charges make it a very impressive motorbike! The digital panel is nice and hopefully it's an easy fix if it malfunctions. All in all a very thorough video. Thanks for sharing your reviews and impressions!

  6. 100% cent HCMC Needs to invest in these. the government should make it law buy 2020 you can’t buy gas-powered It would be cool if they could do a sports version too. HCMC Would still keep its moto vibe but with less noise and air pollution

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