Chuwi Lapbook Pro Unboxing & Hands-On Review

Lapbook Pro hands-on review and unboxing. A 14″ slim bezel Gemini Lake Celeron N4100 laptop with backlit keyboard selling for around $299 here:
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33 thoughts on “Chuwi Lapbook Pro Unboxing & Hands-On Review

  1. anyone recommend laptop teclast or chiwi for full HD ips watching movies and YouTube sound quality with browsing only thanks

  2. The 8GB/256GB model arrived here in London today. It's just £241from Ali Express – delivered! Excellent value for money for such a fast laptop with a fabulous screen. Oh, I can confirm that they've definitely fixed the spacebar issue, but the Type C restrictions remain. I haven't looked at the BIOS.

  3. I just bought the 8GB ram and 256GB SSD version of this thing and I'm loving it! It has indeed a 256GB SSD, no EMMC though. SSD slot is occupied. All the cons on this video are non existent on my device. My keyboard is fine, touchpad not clanking. BIOS is unlocked too! I set the Power Limit to 15W and I'm maxing out to 86C when gaming. Thank you so much for this awesome review! I wouldn't have bought this if it weren't for your reviews.

  4. Thanks for the review… I see you have Linux Mint running on this. Can you explain a little about running Linux on this. Were you simply using a live USB; did everything run out of box as expected – touchpad, sound, etc; installation; etc.? This would be really helpful to know and I'm having trouble getting info about it so far. Thanks…

  5. Anyone tried to install a Linux distro with a lightweight WM on this laptop? It's the only reason why I'm considering buying one

  6. Thanks again , very informative .
    I really want a cheapish laptop with hdmi / video out and type c charging . Any ideas ?????

  7. Aliexpress

    Thursday, May 2, 2019

    I bought a tablet from Chuwi on Aliexpres as a gift for my dad who lives in Chile; I'm in the US. The tablet that arrived was defective and useless since the touchscreen didn't work. My dad had to pay an import fee of $30 dollars to get the device on his hands. I contacted the seller and he offered a partial refund if I fixed the device locally, which is totally impossible since that brand doesn't have support in Chile. Then the seller offered return/refund but was never clear about when he will refund me for the cost of the shipping, which is very expensive when you are sending a parcel of more than 1.000 grams from Chile to China. I opened a dispute and after some days Aliexpress made a Judgment in my favor, asking the seller to pay for the shipping and the $197.10 for the tablet. In the meantime, the seller was kind of forcing me to change the reason why a had opened the dispute for something totally different, I had to choose from either I had found a better price or I had bought something I didn't need, or …I cannot remember. I accepted Aliexpress's proposal and trusted. I sent the parcel (my dad in Chile sent it) paying $36 US for it, then I posted the tracking number for the seller to have it. Two days after I saw that Aliexpress had changed their judgment and had declared invalid my request and that since I have already sent the parcel I will have to wait up to 60 days to have an answer from the seller. I have wasted many hours on this issue, I feel frustrated, scammed, and stabbed in the back by Aliexpress. They were supposed to protect me, but they tricked me instead. Now the seller is not responding and there is no record of the first judgment on Aliexpress's website. The seller is not answering and I have already chatted with 3 humans (which I doubt) telling me that they are on my side and that they apologize for the inconvenience; also that I don't have to worry since the case will be submitted to a higher team. They also say that I have to file an appeal and have the time and the energy for that. This sucks! The cost of the tablet was $197.10
    The import fee:$ 30
    The return shipping: $36
    I have spent more than 12 hours on this so far: $20*12=240
    Total= $510.10. Even if I get a refund for the price of the device (which I doubt) the cost of all this has been too high.
    I still have to wait up to 60 days and I have very little hope.
    I totally regret choosing Aliexpress to buy a gift for my dad

  8. Goodafternoon. Im really curious about chuwi hi10 air. Do you think chuwi can last up to 2 years of use?

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