Checking out Hoi An’s Ancient Town, Marble Mountain and Con Market! | Vietnam Vlog #6

Hey guys!

Come along with us as we show you what you can get up to in just 24 hours in Da Nang!

We check out:

Con Market:

Marble Mountain:

Hoi An Ancient City

Thanks for watching guys! We love you as always!

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42 thoughts on “Checking out Hoi An’s Ancient Town, Marble Mountain and Con Market! | Vietnam Vlog #6

  1. Lil THUY is very cute , and Thuy, I think you looked great in all 3 hats, and we dont think you have a big head. I dont know why they keep saying that, you look gr8t!!

  2. Nice video always love watching vietnam videos beautiful country going when the weather cools down ( december) much success in your channel ( recognized you guys from mychonny)

  3. guess we will need to have the bargaining skills in that market! haha ^^ the Hoi An's Ancient Town is soo pretty at night with those lanterns…

  4. Wicked vlog guys! Son is my spirit animal hahahha! Keep up the good work guys and always look forward to your vlogs and vids, here hoping for your wishes to come true!

  5. Marble Mountain, why didn't you use the elevator? You didn't film how amazing it was inside the cave, a missed opportunity to say the least. Vietnam is a beautiful country, thanks for sharing.

  6. Love the new intro song! The inner Viet in me approves 😁 didn’t even realised son was standing so close to me hahahaha and the “incest” part 😂

  7. Thanks for sharing. Entertaining content guys. My gf and I just returned from Danang last week. I can totally feel the humidity again after watching this. 3 fresh shirts per day sounds about right. I got food poisoning as well tho not nearly as bad. I got charcoal tablets from a Viet pharmacy which really helped to get me back feeling better.

  8. There are many Vietnamese groups on Facebook.
    I recommend that you join all of those groups, and share your videos within the groups.
    Good luck on growing your channel! 👍

  9. Thanks for sharing. Great job here.
    We were in Hoi An in July during a week when it was 40 degrees, but we weren't climbing a mountain midday either We stayed in Hoi An for 5 days at this really nice boutique hotel for $36/night set in rice paddies about a 5 min bike ride from the main drag. Lavini Hotel. It was a very short walking distance to the one nice gym in town, SuperFit, so we just went there every day, between getting chicken rice and trying the various specialties, and exploring around the area. Not sure if you guys got to check this out but def one of our favorite things was motorbiking north about an hour to Tam Thanh, a seaside village, with wonderful murals. Along the way stopped in various villages and appreciated seeing a different way of life.
    Again, appreciate the vid!

  10. It smells like incest…. hahaha love your vlogs guys!!! Can't wait to go back to Vietnam after watching your vlogs 😁😋 keep it up!

  11. I love this XD the group truos are hilarious, I wish you guys did another Japan trip together, that's how I got introduced to both of you, chonnydae, tom, son and kelvin

  12. You guys are so adorable, making me want to go back again 😭 reliving my vietnam trip through your guys’ vlogs right now, also another tip for eating food in Vietnam, besides the peptobismol tablets, always re rinse the vegetables there before eating it!! The meats are surprisingly the safest to eat, as long as its cooked thoroughly!!

  13. One of my friends sells those led lights on the corner near the bridge. funniest thing I saw is the lil girls selling those candles for wishes and he grabbing one out of the water and sparking up his ciggie . Not bhed!

  14. Not only here to see Thuy and Lubin but also to see Mychonny and Dalena. Love u guys best vloggers on YouTube😍😍😍

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