50 thoughts on “cdj 800 djm 800 ten minute mix, house

  1. Hot mix and nice Home Set Up but my only complaint is the Internet connection, it's not "Present" ,it was recorded by camera …. AND IT SOUNDS LIKE IT, LOL, BUT….. it's still all good.

  2. stop fiddling with the eq knobs it bothers me and it shows you are a noob dude if you really want to cut out the bass or treble in a song do it then

  3. Why don't you upload a mix then, LOL. U'r retarded coz u think u know something about DJ-ing but u don't even play, haha

  4. I give you props mate for being so positive throughout all of these negative comments. I appreciate the energy you put into doing this for us and I enjoyed watching it for sure. Keep it up mate. Well spent 10 minutes.

  5. Dont use mp3 CDs! They are not made for this 🙂 Also I think Audio-CDs are easier to organize and you need less time to start a track and search a track. For Audio CDs are those players the Best for home-use

  6. @hefofvx yep i agree even my senior teachers also hide about this killer music composer software from me. But you can make some damn insane beats with this software. Its finally been released to the public. get the best one here => bit.ly/KKcFkk?=naqers

  7. hey mate in melbourne right now anyway, looking at spending some more and getting mk3 cdj1000s, slowly ill build a solid outfit that wont need major upgrades waiting for more bro!

  8. Dude i really appreciate your job fuck all haters they don't know anything about DJing. I am going to buy the CDJ 800 mk2 is it great? Anyway really great mix

  9. Real good mix, man…I did enjoy listening to it 😉 Who care whether the songs are old or new…all that matters is the way they are put up together 😉

  10. who cares what he fuckin does, he can stand on his head for all i care aslong as he keeps mixing sick songs!

    I added this one to my favs bro keep it up im looking into those decks aswell looks like im sold!

  11. @Ma77y1984 Totally agreed i feel a need to make the smallest touch to my EQ's when im mixing, just to get them perfect even if they are the slightest bit from perfect

  12. if it's good house ill add this clip to my PL…still listening closely…. really good clear footage high quality camera………deep rhythm… okay sick ill add it up

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