Can We Survive The ULTIMATE Zombie Swarm?! | They Are Billions Campaign Ep 5

Can We Survive The ULTIMATE Zombie Swarm?! | They Are Billions Campaign Ep 5


More of the They Are Billions Campaign mode today and we’re testing out our Inn strategy! After figuring some things out, we fight through the absolute most insane campaign mission yet: Cape Storm.


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About They Are Billions:
They Are Billions is a Steampunk strategy game set on a post-apocalyptic planet. Build and defend colonies to survive against the billions of the infected that seek to annihilate the few remaining living humans. Can humanity survive after the zombie apocalypse?
In my videos, typically I only cover the final wave in which billions of zombies come to try and destroy your Command Center while trying out crazy strategies. From making 2000 snipers, hundreds of Titans, Shock Towers Only, you name it; I like to have fun and try some crazy stuff! I don’t really go over beating the game, or necessarily make the ‘Best Defense Possible’ because I aim to make these videos as epic and entertaining as possible.
They Are Billions recently had it’s full release adding a new campaign, new units, missions, enemy zombies, towers and more and we have to build the New Empire!
They Are Billions custom map gameplay is a big thing now too since the release of the custom map editor in the new update. The map editor allows anyone to make any scenario in They Are Billions, from having 100 giants attack at once to spawning in a thousand Rangers!

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33 thoughts on “Can We Survive The ULTIMATE Zombie Swarm?! | They Are Billions Campaign Ep 5

  1. if you attack manually with a unit after it has attacked it cancels the animation and it attacks right after. ou can do a mchine gun which is pretty helpfull at starts I discovered this today. dosnt works as great against multiple targets while controlling a lot of friendly units because the attack diiscoordinate. Try it out

  2. I did wonder whether using the inn (instead of shocks) would work with this one, and it seems to work, at least up to Brutal. Getting enough high units from the inn seems like an RNG gamble though

  3. I got attacked from the South as well. Only had a handful of guards defending the walls and got overrun before the bridge swarm broke through. Annoying.

  4. "They are Trillions" would have been a great sequel taking place on a faraway planet? Human are either part of the Empire or those that left Earth, taking the technology with them?

  5. I played this map (300%) some day ago… and at 44 day…..i dont believe on my eyes.Im really curious if your technique help you for done this map….

  6. That has to be a pre-nerf swarm. The horror of what it originally looked like. I feel like I played the baby game for babies with what I faced. Still, cape storm without shocking tower or lucys just seems like shooting yourself in the foot before running a marathon. But you pulled it off so props dude.

  7. where did the 3rd titain come from suddenly???? was watching was like it cut and then u had 3 titians but only bought 1 to replace 1.. so 2.. never saw that 4th bought,…

  8. I just spammed 360 archers and placed them on the front lines then i built soldiers and as many snipers as possible with 6 lines of defense and constantly fell back to each line until i reached the last one. This was done with stone walls… i did not use wooden ones, because f that.

  9. This game is always like:
    "Well, I built a really awesome base! Look at my (insert random number) Titans!!1 Look at my walls!111 I wont lose like that. Maybe I overdid it?"

    Them comes the hoard….

  10. I'm up to my third attempt with wasps, walls and soldiers. The difficulty is set to challenging. Pretty sure shocking towers are needed if no Titans.

  11. I almost beat this with less defense, I just ran out of power at the wrong time for my ballista. if I had some oil units, or better power I would have won.

  12. How the hell does he have Thanatos units?!? Despite my best efforts I didn't manage to unlock SNIPERS for this stupid mission. Thanatos' are like 2000 research points worth of advancements down the line!

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