Buddhistdoor Global’s Weekly News Review 10-14 June 2019

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Covered this week:

Buddhist Kingdom of Bhutan Moves to Decriminalize Homosexuality:

UCSD Leaders Seek Advice from Dalai Lama on Creating an Institute for…

Mass Evictions Reported at Yarchen Gar Buddhist Monastery in China’s…

In Landmark Move, Buddhist Bhutan Gives Teachers, Medics Highest Pay…

Buddhists in Massachusetts Initiate Peace Walk to Honor Native Americans

source: https://arabsn.net

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2 thoughts on “Buddhistdoor Global’s Weekly News Review 10-14 June 2019

  1. So Buddhism supports sexual degeneracy and perversion apparently. What is next? Pedophillia, necrophilia, scatophillia, bestiality, etc? How low can the human animal go for the sake of appeasing those under dark illusion?

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