Thank you for watching my reaction to BTS- WINGS Short Film #1 BEGIN!

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41 thoughts on “BTS- WINGS Short Film #1 BEGIN REACTION!

  1. head up: you need to read couple of books that related to the WINGS era to understand it more seriously we should have gotten a college degree from all those theories and researches that we did back then LOL

  2. There are very short films, so I recommend to react to 3 short films in one video 🙂 Thanks fo reaction ! Wings album is really mastepiece 🙂

  3. ARMYs were confused for years up until Save Me webtoon released couple month ago.. i recommend to react to the rest of the storyline and after that summary by xceleste.. enjoy 😊

  4. Andrew you should listen to the songs too for each short film Junkook solo song Begin lyric video The lyrics don't always go a long with the storyline but some I feel can fit.

  5. Just an idea but maybe after watching the short film you could watch a lyric video of the actual song after! So like after watching this you would have watched Jungkooks " Begin" then you would kinda get what the short films are about! Love watching your reactions btw :)))))

  6. Thanks for checking this out, but please react to the rest in one sitting. They are barely a minute long… it would take you a week to watch them all if you do one a day lol

  7. Hey please react to AISxLISA (LISA is singing in the background) and to her NEW DANCE PRACTICE – COMPASS OR MAP!!

  8. You should try watch them all together, cause you forget and miss important stuff that connect in each film… Begin is jungkook's solo wings song.

  9. They are only 2-3 mins long, so we don't mind a full video of you watching them all together. Make sure whatever you decide to do (Whether on camera or off) to re-watch the first one to refresh your memory. Excited to see your reactions on these. Have a great day 💜

  10. The Wings album (my all time favorite) is made up of 7 solo songs by each member, and then other group songs. So each short film served as part of the story line, but was also used as a teaser for the album solos. It was genius marketing by Big Hit!

  11. I think you have to watch them all. Because the films are short, and if you see them all, the connection you can make between the short films is much easy 🙂

  12. Wings is such a masterpiece just because of the complexity of everything that went into it. The short films, Blood Sweat and Tears, the songs themselves which you should do a full length lyrical reaction to since ALL of the songs are beautiful as are the live performances.
    Edit: I hope no one really spoils the concept behind this particular album if you don't know it until everything is said and done. It's fun trying to watch people connect the dots.

  13. The name of the short films are the names of solo songs of each members listen to the whole songs to know the meaning of the songs 😊 and can understand a little bit about the short films.
    U should react to all the short films in a single video…..

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