BTS Try Not To Laugh – Misheard Lyrics | REACTION

BTS Try Not To Laugh – Misheard Lyrics | REACTION
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42 thoughts on “BTS Try Not To Laugh – Misheard Lyrics | REACTION

  1. Do not wanna spoil but ya'll know Jamjamj's real name is Sarh aaaaand 5:16 sooooo 😅😂😂😂 Imagine if she saw this video and saw this.

  2. Ahahahah when I first listened to Dope the part with Jimin I thought he said," Now its my winter wonderland" and I was like, but this isn't about Christmas lmao😂😂😂

  3. 13:18 , they do sing money money money but not in that sense. it's actually 많이 많이 많이 which you read manhi manhi manhi which in turn means more more more

  4. I watched the original video and and now I won't listen to just one day with my parents because I can't unheard the misheard lyrics and I feel like everyone else here's the same

  5. Lou, I want your necklace.
    Ous, I want all of your cups.

    I love you both. Love yourselfs. Take care of yourselves and of each other. Have a memorable day & life. 💙💛💜💖💚🌻🌟🌼🌈

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