Brydge Pro Keyboard Review for iPad Pro 11" – Overhyped?

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The Brydge Pro keyboard for iPad Pro is THE most requested review item in the history of the channel! Well… for me, it looked great, but didn’t quite live up to the hype. Here’s why.
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26 thoughts on “Brydge Pro Keyboard Review for iPad Pro 11" – Overhyped?

  1. I just got mine and I am using it for the first time. It is heavy, but it looks like a Mini Mac. I was going to get the apple one, but I had to have the look. I like the feel of the keys as well.

  2. 1.1.6 bro! I find a lot of pressure on the screen on my air 3 where the hinges are and am getting a lot of white screen flicker around the hinges, series 2..too.

  3. Overall I really rate this keyboard. Yes, it adds weight, but I carry it in my bag and so it really doesn’t matter to me. The typing experience is really nice. I have the Smart Keyboard from Apple and whilst I like it, I don’t like the fact it falls over when on my lap. The Brydge Pro allows me to use my iPad on both my desk and knee.

    The ONLY downside to the keyboard, is taking it in and out isn’t as easy as perhaps I would like. But I rarely do that anyway, so for me it’s not a major concern.

    Overall my favourite keyboard for the iPad Pro 11.

  4. I have to wonder if they’ve revised this keyboard already. The Keys have a really nice feel on the keyboard I have. I got mine 2 days ago. They don’t feel that dissimilar to my MacBook.

  5. Bought it. Arrived today. Rubber clamp on the left side literally tore on the VERY FIRST USE. I am gutted. Sending back and going back to my Logitech Slim Folio Pro… Yes, yes, I bought both! Must be the universe telling me to stop being such a sucker for good looking products. Build quality is low and magnetic cover barely fits the back of the 12.9. Ill see what Brydge say in response to my very disappointed message to them.

  6. Has anyone used paperlike with this keyboard? I'm thinking that that the paperlike would be pushed off by the keyboard hinges.

  7. The best case in my opinion would have been the slimbook case by zagg – i tried the one for the ipad mini and it was great. Instead of producing an identical case for the ipad pros, they went and produced worse cases, in my opinion. Whoever tried the slimbook case for the ipad mini, will know how nicely designed and functional it is… i just don’t understand, why there can’t be a NORMAL keyboard case for the ipad pros yet, after all these months, and why do we only have such a slim selection of cases, only like 3 or 4 keyboard cases, for the best tablet in the market…that is really lame!

  8. I had a Brydge keyboard on my iPad Pro 9.7. I LOVED IT! But I dropped it on the ground. That fall took out my gorilla glass, my screen and the keyboard. It worked as long as it was plugged in. But it was no longer portable!

  9. Appreciate your honesty, I have been super happy with my Apple Keyboard Folio but as with anything always on the lookout for something better possibly. This was in my cart until I saw this video as it confirmed some things I was already a bit worried about. Thank you

  10. Nice video and review. Thanks for that. Do you know maybe the keyboard shortcut for switching the input language in ios 13? Thanks

  11. This review was spot on. I have the brydge keyboard for one of my iPads. It’s too heavy to carry around. Keyboard typing experience is great but the iPad stays on my desk

  12. I have been waiting well over a month now to get a replacement keyboard there customer service is really the most terrible I have experienced for a long time also they refuse to give me a refund

  13. I think more than the “look” is the fact that it seems to crop up without mention in tons of YouTube videos. I’ve been wondering why there are so many channels using it, showcasing it even, with barely a mention. Maybe because it looks good on camera?

  14. Keyboard quality is low, but COVER BUILD quality is solid good. Hyped and overpriced, but the Apple Folio is horrible and overpriced. I installed my Ipad Pro11 in Brydge for about 10 seconds, perfect fit, rock solid. I like it. I will use my IPad outdoors a lot and this was important for me.

  15. The screen wobbles a lot. The whole thing is way… heavier and thicker than 12" MacBook. Thank YOU for the valuable review.

  16. You should try the inateck iPad pro keyboard case. I have one & it's amazing. It has rgb lights that you can change the colors of & effects & stuff. It's really amazing. & so are the keys on the keyboards with shortcuts on the keyboard. I guarantee you will love it & anyone else that tries it will love it too.

  17. after watch your vid, now I really don't know what keyboard case to go for…

    Apple Smart Keyboard Folio case is portable and lightweight but too much exposure on the sides and corners, typing experience is not so great and the keys could leave marks/scratches on iPad screen

    Logitech Slim Folio Pro: typing experience is good but too bulky and it's really a pain when I have to get the iPad in or out of the shell, not to mention that the corner rubber covers the power and volume buttons, which is annoying

    Brydge Pro: looks good, the keys cannot touch the screen thanks to two rubber pads on the keyboard, easy to put the iPad in and out of the hinges. However, again no corners and sides protection, unregistered keystrokes, the rubber at the hinges could come off and leave scratches on iPad screen

    I am quite obsessed with protecting my devices and also value typing experience and portability. What should I go for?
    Should I get an Apple magic keyboard and buy sleeves to protect both the iPad and the keyboard?

  18. I think it looks cool, but not practical, at the same time it adds a lot of bulk to your original ipad…. waste of money. I prefer apple smart keyboard to this.

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