Bring the Soul Real Fan Reactions + Full Movie Review!

BTS Bring the Soul was an awe inspiring experience that we will remember for the rest of our lives! Watch our Bring the Soul movie review and let us know whatchagot2say in the comments below!
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48 thoughts on “Bring the Soul Real Fan Reactions + Full Movie Review!

  1. I watched Bring The Soul, two times… It made cry because I remember their hardships during their rookie days.
    Those days when we all struggled to give them their first win in music shows and voted endlessly to major award shows.
    I also remember when they were ignored by famous artist in korean industry because they are from small company back then. So, yeah… Even typing this words made me teary eye…

  2. They awaken the mother in all of us ladies, haha!
    I'm the same age as them, and, yeah, I am in love with them, but the mom (and the big sister) also comes out, lol. They inspire and motivate me in so many ways, and they are so genuine and just have beautiful souls. They need to take care of themselves!!! Above everything else, their health and happiness is what's important. And ppl should stop hate'n, ya know?

  3. Just want to mention, you love how they joke around/tease each other and I do too, it's part of their charm and you can see a lot more of it by watching their Run or Bon Voyage episodes, or even the Bangtan Bombs (with English subs ofc). Their talents are off the charts but what really puts them at the top is all of their personalities~they are so caring & humble. One of my all time favorite videos of theirs is when they react on camera to the first time they got to see the Blood Sweat & Tears video, it's really fun to see…I've watched it countless times. Enjoy as you fall down the rabbit hole, and looking forward to some vocal line reactions…oh and the Melon Music Awards from last year is widely considered to be one of their all time best peformances, I hope it's on your list ! =))

  4. This has to be my favourite movie so far! It was so cohesiveness and has a good balance of songs and story and intimate moments, it make me love them so much more, if this is even possible lol

  5. “I’m a sorry lazy human compared to BTS.” Lol! I thought I was the only one thinking that. Every time I see them working so hard makes me want to get up and push to do what I love and what I want to do in this life. They are such an inspiration. 🙏🏼💜

  6. I love you guys. Your channel is the best. This was so cool – I haven’t seen a review like this. They extended the movie dates so now I want to go see it again!

  7. I’ve seen it twice and I still can’t get enough of it. Aside from the movie, I loved the energy of being with other ARMYs in the movie house. I’m glad you enjoyed the movie and I love your review too. I can relate to almost everything you’re saying and I can’t help but smile the entire time I’m watching this vid.

  8. It was especially touching for me as around that time I became an Army, and it was just so shocking to follow their Tour from the net like – I heard about JK hurting himself I think they released the info couple of hours before the show or was it the first pictures from the show and the worry for him.. And then seeing the fan cams and pictures and everything like almost a full show.. And knowing that now they are leaving the country to going to next one from airport pictures by official media.. It was like..
    it was something totally new. Totally new way to be a fan.
    it was like watching this movie – it was closest to travelling with them, without being part of their tour staff. It was breathtaking. And they almost take us with them, and so much more <3
    When they are sleeping in the plaine I can binge their old music and fan videos and reactions.. Their own shows in Vlive.. Their Vilives after each show.. Just so much content that nobody can ever be able to see it all. <3
    The whole experience is overwhelming. Our darling rabbit hole. We drop in, and it's a full adventure with the boys.

  9. Got bored in the middle movie coz of too much of RM….hope next movie will chose different cameraman nd director who won't focus only on RM

  10. The movie was great!!!! I was kinda bummed tho because the subtitles at my theater weren't translating everything they said so I had to kind of fill in the gaps with what I know about them and what happened and what they would say. Did anyone else have that problem??

  11. please watch this!! poems the boys made for eachother last year, very heartwarming 💜

  12. mika, i'm an older army so i understand your 'mom heart' reaction. that's pretty much my reaction all the time. i am only a fan i would never presume to consider myself their parent, but they bring that side out in me every single time. it's a different type of love for them than a lot of younger fans but believe me even they feel like parents when it comes to bts. no matter what your mom heart is still very valid and very appreciated by bts as well. they know how diverse their fandom is and they love every type of love that is given to them.

    i am so happy you two enjoyed the movie, i told you last time you would walk away with a greater appreciation for them. and yay be happy they get to finally rest now, they're on official break .

    thank you both for the reaction

  13. Suga stopped bodybuilding because the stylists complained that his stage clothes won't fit him for the rest of the tour!

  14. You guys are such a cute couple! What do you think it is that has drawn so many hearts to these 7 boys. Mike, do you suggestion that might help the boys get more rest on the tours? When did you guys first "get hooked " into BTS and why? Thanks for sharing your experiences with us !

  15. u need to watch Burn the stage series on youtube, not the movie, the series, also Bon voyage series, Run BTS series.. u will love them more

  16. Mad respect that you guys took time out of your day to watch this movie. It's so important for new Army's to see the struggles BTS go through. This is why we Army's go so hard for them. Can't help but to love them, they have beautiful souls. They truly feel like friends don't they🤗

  17. I felt like Bring the Soul was a sort of supplement to the other documentaries that have come out. If you really wanna see in depth the hard work these guys put in, watch their Youtube Red series Burn the Stage. Then follow it with the Burn the Stage movie version then the Bring the Soul one cause it paints a more complete picture that way.

  18. That "it's so hot army because of you" part 😂😂
    If I am not mistaken I believe he said it first in Dallas/fort worth
    And I was there 😂😂😭😭

  19. I've recently started to rewatch their Episodes on Bangtan Subs. I'd really like if you guys watch the Episodes (not the Bangtan Bombs). Its a more serious behind the scenes of their debut and performances and MVs. Even if you don't watch to react, just watching them from start to finish will just be… amazing. And if you do decide to do reactions to their Episodes (there's 68 on Bangtan Subs channel) I will watch every one again with you. Theyre not very long so maybe 2/3 at a time… IF you do react to them. Going in order will be best. Oki. Peace.

  20. They are beautiful people, and they have brought something special to the world that we needed. Thank you for watching their movie and understanding all that they give. Being ARMy is magical. 💜💜💜💜💜💜Thank you for your review and thoughts.

  21. react to BTS contribution to music please. this gives you a bts BTS contribution to music 🙏

  22. This was such a wonderful reaction to the boys and Bring the Soul. You truly understand how dedicated BTS is to ARMY. Everybody talks about the dedication of ARMY to BTS, but they don't talk as much about how truly loving and giving they are to ARMY. The relationship that BTS x ARMY have is truly unique and special and REAL. I feel like other artists say and do what they think their fans want to hear and it's fake and self interested, but it's completely true from BTS to ARMY.

  23. Out of the 3 movies I've seen so far this one is my favourite because it's has some intense moments and some light hearted moments. Burn the stage the series was pretty intense too, different from the movie. It's definitely something you should watch to get to know them better. Haha yes mom moments 😅 compared to them we all feel so unproductive 😂

  24. The Love Yourself tour was extremely intense with several back to back performances in each city. I think it was up to 4 in each stop. With their choreo, it’s no easy thing.

    But we believe they did it to be able to get a US Stadium venue. Since the stadium concert was sold at a later date then the smaller venues, it looks like it worked.

    It is just another example of how POC have to grind so much harder to get the same results. We know that if they were a white boygroup getting the results they had in 2016, they would be all over the radio, promoted and sought after to perform at stadiums.

    That’s why ARMY is in it for BTS life, they just have us and BigHit. Everyone else is just looking for a way to shoot them down or use their fame to promote other groups. A big part of it is that BTS’ pure numbers expose so much of the corruption of the music industry. The chart manipulations, radio soft payola, venue sales. Not many other artists can boast the draw that BTS pull so they don’t want to be compared directly.

  25. Welcome to the BTS family.😁 I also felt sad to see how tired they were getting during their tour. I saw that Big Hit put out an announcement about them taking a break. I’m sure all the ARMY was happy to read that. I love your videos, and hello from New Orleans!

  26. You can watch it on your own. its long. you need to watch their FESTA 2018 and 2019. there are other too. I'll provide the link for you.
    BTS FESTA 2014
    BTS FESTA 2015
    BTS FESTA 2017
    BTS FESTA 2018 Dinner

  27. It’s really nice to see you guys being so genuine and really trying to learn more about them and appreciating them 🙂

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